May Discovery Music 2016

#ClubClueless 001 is a updated selection, the older version that was here is no longer available in 2017. The new track is a little repetitive. Works well as background music, and allows other music to be played over it.

♬ CLUELESS — #ClubClueless 001 [vocals/music]: #house (45 mins) played for techno chans.

Wonder if twitter now senses HTML code…

▶ NEW STYLE: ♬ Tavonna Miller — In This Room [song/music]:

✠ Old Style: ♬ Tavonna Miller — In This Room [song/music]:

Tavonna Miller on twitter: @Tavonna



♬ R3 y Hatsune Miku – Jidai cover(rythm/acompañamiento, solos, chords/acordes) [song/music]: #Vocaloid

  • Miku is so totally sweet in this song ❤❤❤, goes well after Oceanside also.

♬ EPM138 Ruiz Sierra – Egothermia Podcast 14 – 03 – 2016 – [FREE DOWNLOAD][music]: played 4 techno chans (1 Hr +)

♬ Kim Cameron and Side FX — One Kiss [song/music]:,

  • Also check out @sidefxband as in May 2016 there may be a lot of news

♬ Windrunner ( — George Whyman Remix – featuring Kim Cameron [song/music]:

  • Windrunner ends suddenly–mix notes…

♬ Guitar Over Guns Singers – It Starts Raining [song/music]: via @sidefxband, #New #Singers

  • It starts raining song ends suddenly–mix notes…

♬ Arc North – Oceanside [No Copyright Music][song/music]: via @BassRebels & played 4 techno chans

♬ Sandra Szabo & Marcus Greenway — Some Day When (live) [song/music]:

♬ RONDONRATS。「RESISTANCE」[song/music]: #wild

  • exists elsewhere in this website, but Gharr likes it a lot!

♬ RONDONRATS。「ハジマリのウタ//Begin Again」[song/music]:

♬ Aimoon — Perfect Euphoria ep.33 [music]: (1 Hr+) payed 4 the techno chans

♬ Sandra Szabo — We Could Be is… [song/music]:

♬ Judah feat. Holly Drummond — Faith In Love [song/music]:

♬ Wontolla, Kasger & Limitless — Miles Away [NCS Release] [Song/Music]:

♬ Kyan Palmer —  Burn Mona Lisa (No Copyright Background Music) [song/music]: via @BassRebels

🎶 We R [song/music]: via @atStarLite,

☆ [VOCALOID] HATSUNE MIKU – DREAM OF YOU [UPLIFTING TRANCE][song/music]: played 4 the techno chans

► Aven — all i wanna do (Planet Nord Chill Out Mix) [song/music]:

► 【Tropical House】Martin Jensen ft. Bjørnskov — Miracles [song/music]:

► Sarah Blasko — All I want (BENY Remix) [song/music]: ♬ #chillstep

♬ @SamanthaPreis — Cruel Love [song/music]:

♬ MEREDITH MEYER — “BELIEVE” [song/music]:


♬ MEREDITH MEYER — “AIN’T IT DIVINE” [song/music]:


Young Unknowns on twitter: @YoungUnknowns

Meredith Meyer on twitter: @MeredithMeyer

♬ Young Unknowns (feat. Meredith Meyer) – I Want to Lose [song/music]:

♬ Young Unknowns (feat. Meredith Meyer) – Endless Landscape (Original Mix) [song/music]:

♬ Young Unknowns (feat. Meredith Meyer) – This Is Where We Belong [song/music]:

♬ Drive (Young Unknowns Version; feat. Meredith Meyer) [song/music]: ❧ #Relaxed #Style #pop #Blade #Runner 2

♬ Young Unknowns (ft. Meredith Meyer)+Benjamin Blank—Endless Landscape (Remix) [song/music] ❧ #Techno #Chans

♬ Out Of The Blue (Young Unknowns Version; ft. Meredith Meyer) [song/music]: ❧ #Awesome

♬ Young Unknowns (feat. Meredith Meyer) — “Zabriskie Point,” Easy Dreams [song/music]: #pop

♬ I’m On Fire (Young Unknowns version; feat. Meredith Meyer) [song/music]: #Relaxed #Ambient #Bad #Desire #Baby

♬ Young Unknowns (feat. Meredith Meyer) — Far Enough [song/music]: #Rock #Adventure #Vibe #Dance

♬ Young Unknowns (feat. Meredith Meyer) — Target Practice [song/music]: #Rhythmic #Rock #Loves_Source #Cupid


♬ Kevin Staudt & et al — I Miss You (Blink 182, Cover) [song/music]: #Collaboration

♬ Lara G. & Kevin Staudt — Broken (Seether, Cover) [song/music]: #Collaboration

♬ Vinyl Grenade — Angels Fall (Breaking Benjamin, Cover) [song/music]: ft. Kevin Staudt

♬ Vinyl Grenade – Shelter Official [Song/Music]: #First #Single #Debut ft. Kevin Staudt

♬ Vinyl Grenade — Hysteria (Muse, Cover) [song/music]: ft. Kevin Staudt

♬ PinocchioP — All I Need are Things I Like/ ピノキオピー – すきなことだけでいいです [song/music]: #Miku #Vocaloid

♬ H ZETTRIO (@H_ZETTRIO, — “晴天 -Hale Sola-” [music]: 🎶

☆💃☆ Dance Coser [cosplayers] Miya & kun [Gumi/Rin] — “1,2 Fanclub [Mikito-P Dance Cover Mix]: ❧ [The miss-adventures of a foreign Chinese Star’s “Moe” Fan Club: “they just want to say they love you!”]

♬ Nightcore – Fireflies (Said The Sky Remix) [song/music]: 🎶

★ AKB48-Heavy Rotation (Nightcore) [song/music & often dance]:


Last edited in April 2017
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” 2015

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