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🌎 @MelodicPoet90—Avenue Therapy Lane [Life 4 Me ain’t ben no Crystal Stair][releasing/sharing abuses of past]:

  • 📎 Every year, there are an estimated 41 000 homicide deaths all over the world in children under 15 years of age 😦
  • 📎 A quarter of all adults report having been physically abused as children—possible lifelong health, & relationship issues
  • 📎 Los Angeles County – Report Child Abuse [#Law]:
  • 📎 Global Child Maltreatment/Abuse Facts [#WHO]:
  • 📎 TED TALK: Child sexual abuse is preventable, not inevitable [video]:
  • 📎Not sure how strong the link to Global Child Maltreatment/Abuse/Sexual-Abuse and prescribed drugs are, but the next points, and sub-points discusses that angle… violence, and how the victims handle life afterwards is also related to our society: example of two recent articles that really upset me:
  • 📎 Have heard that some medication is given based on locality (and now possibly date: if child born at wrong time, and start their education later—possibly making learning, and education harder for such kids, they then apparently often end up being medicated after being miss-diagnosed with ADHD). Abuse of substances, and/or mixing multiple strong mental health drugs may lead to abuse of other people, them-self, and even further mental health problems it seems. Apparently drug companies may also be putting profit ahead of (mental, and physical) health and quality of life issues of patients, and the sick.
    • 📌 Murder by Meds: Host is @MOCwithTiffany and she does get quite emotional while conducting her interview at the end…
    • 📌 The main speaker through most of the interview was Andrew Thibault:
    • 📌 Andrew Thibault mentions this website:
    • 📌 Talks of withdrawals from medications:
    • 📌 drugs for mental health can be dangerous, especially when give to children.
    • 📌 Addicts apparently are in danger from this also, as they often request strong drugs form the mental health people (@MOCwithTiffany mentions this while being a host to a video interview). Multiple drugs can lead to tragedy.
    • 📌 Addicts apparently are also in danger, because they might try and get prescriptions of multiple strong mental health drugs. Mixing multiple mental health drugs can lead to tragedy according to Andrew Thibault.
    • 📌 Andrew Thibault apparently also links Multiple mental health drugs to violent behavior (which might include self harm, as well as harm to others).  While there might be many reasons as to why people behave violently—for example poverty, or an area with poverty and warfare to name a few examples—adding drugs as a reason for violence makes the whole thing a lot more complex for the victims of abuse (that might end up being encouraged to use mental health medications to help them cope), and possibly might be one of the many reasons as to why people abuse other people.
    • 📌 Rumor: some people are forced to take mental health drugs, but not sure if this is applicable to international law, or to all countries.
    • 📌 Rumor: some people are over-medicated to control them, and help staff control the schedule of the work day while such people lived in shared supervised residences… Andrew Thibault’s comments make this (rumored) method of control seem quite worrying.
  • The above tweets, are not for @MelodicPoet90, but to generate discussions, and to share possible ideas, and solutions to child Maltreatment

💃 @Melodicpoet90 — I Can’t Take it Anymore (Phyllis Hyman Tribute Dance) [Dance]:

🌻 @Melodicpoet90 — *Evolving Ascender* Chakra Flourishing Energy Boost [healing, mediation]: #Crystals #Oils

💃 #PhoneDown (Yin:Yang Dance) MelodicEngross (@MelodicPoet90): #ErykahBadu [dance]:

🕺🏿 #BlackSamurai (Shaman Dance) Melodic Engross (@MelodicPoet90): #BSlade [Dance]: 🥋

♬ Melodic Engross (@MelodicPoet90) — Shining (Love Summary) [song/music]: ❧ #Rhythm #lyrical #Poetry


☆ Sweating with MelodicEngross (@MelodicPoet90) [dance]: ❧ #twerk #motiondance

🌎 A Dream Deferred (LA Starved Streets By: MelodicEngross) [inc #LGBT ⚧ Community][documentary by @MelodicPoet90]: 🎥

❉MelodicEngross (@MelodicPoet90) Remix (Billie Holiday Cover) [Dance/Song/Music] #Homelessness_Solutions #Advocate

Colors Of U (Psy6Video) not played as percussion at end a little painful on ears.

♬ MelodicEnGross — Comfort Zone (Full Video) Prod.By: @OmariMC @melodicpoet90 [Dance/Ambient-Voice/Song/music]: #Art

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