Melodic Poet

☆ Bellwoods Band No Longer Here


🌎 @MelodicPoet90—Avenue Therapy Lane [Life 4 Me ain’t ben no Crystal Stair][releasing/sharing abuses of past]: ☮

  • 📎 Every year, there are an estimated 41 000 homicide deaths all over the world in children under 15 years of age 😦
  • 📎 A quarter of all adults report having been physically abused as children—possible lifelong health, & relationship issues
  • 📎 Los Angeles County – Report Child Abuse [#Law]: ❧
  • 📎 Global Child Maltreatment/Abuse Facts [#WHO]: ❧
  • 📎 TED TALK: Child sexual abuse is preventable, not inevitable [video]: ❧
  • The above tweets, are not for @MelodicPoet90, but to generate discussions, and to share possible ideas, and solutions to child Maltreatment

💃 @Melodicpoet90 — I Can’t Take it Anymore (Phyllis Hyman Tribute Dance) [Dance]: ❧

🌻 @Melodicpoet90 — *Evolving Ascender* Chakra Flourishing Energy Boost [healing, mediation]: #Crystals #Oils

💃 #PhoneDown (Yin:Yang Dance) MelodicEngross (@MelodicPoet90): #ErykahBadu [dance]: ❧

🕺🏿 #BlackSamurai (Shaman Dance) Melodic Engross (@MelodicPoet90): #BSlade [Dance]: 🥋

♬ Melodic Engross (@MelodicPoet90) — Shining (Love Summary) [song/music]: ❧ #Rhythm #lyrical #Poetry


☆ Sweating with MelodicEngross (@MelodicPoet90) [dance]: ❧ #twerk #motiondance

🌎 A Dream Deferred (LA Starved Streets By: MelodicEngross) [inc #LGBT ⚧ Community][documentary by @MelodicPoet90]: 🎥

❉MelodicEngross (@MelodicPoet90) Remix (Billie Holiday Cover) [Dance/Song/Music] #Homelessness_Solutions #Advocate

Colors Of U (Psy6Video) not played as percussion at end a little painful on ears.

♬ MelodicEnGross — Comfort Zone (Full Video) Prod.By: @OmariMC @melodicpoet90 [Dance/Ambient-Voice/Song/music]: #Art

Featured Mix-ins:



Shortened link: ☆ Melodic Poet [article]: ❧

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