♬ @qleen_official Full CD, with Songs and Music 2015

“Headlight” CD

♬ @qleen_official — 【BGM】中島みゆき6曲メドレー/フラメンコギター弾き語り一発録り(CD版) [songs & music “Headlight” CD]: https://youtu.be/IbIzaAfzOfE

Headlight taillight; Thread; In between the sky and with you; Ground star; Riding on the back of a silver dragon; Era

“Cheers” CD

♬ @qleen_official — 【BGM】懐ポップス5曲メドレー/フラメンコギター弾き語り一発録り(CD版) [songs & music “Cheers” CD]: https://youtu.be/V_CHI1cs2Q4

Cheers (Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi Cover); TRAIN TRAIN (THE BLUE HEARTS Cover); In longing to Andalusia (Masatoshi Mashima Cover); Small love song (Mongolia 800 Cover); JUPITER (BUCK-TICK Cover); My Way (Akira Fuse Cover); Wish (Cover).

“We will fly again” CD

♬ @qleen_official — 【BGM】ジブリ5曲メドレー/フラメンコギター弾き語り一発録り(CD版) [songs & music “We will fly again” CD]: https://youtu.be/XZOsFrFABdg

Topped with Kimi (We will fly again) (Inoue Azumi Cover); Sometimes the old days of talking to (Kato Tokiko Cover); If it wrapped in kindness (Yumi Yumi Cover); Contrail (Yumi Yumi Cover); Goodbye summer (Ryoko Moriyama Cover)

“Story that fell from the sky” CD

♬ @qleen_official — 【BGM】懐アニソン5曲メドレー/フラメンコギター弾き語り一発録り(CD版) [songs & music “Story that fell from the sky” CD]: https://youtu.be/OUlN-NjO19g

Spilled from the sky Story (Story that fell from the sky) (Da Capo Cover); Galaxy three nine (Sasaki Isao Cover); Ampang March (Takashi Yanase Cover); Far La Way (Nagayama Yoko in the pupil Cover); Cruel Angel Thesis (Yoko Takahashi Cover)



♬ @qleen_official — 「島唄/THE BOOM」[song/music]: https://youtu.be/AnW4gk7Ming


♬ @qleen_official — 「人魚/NOKKO」 Mermaid [song/music]: https://youtu.be/Ty0qPYaH01A

「翼をください/赤い鳥」 // Wish for “A new era of peace & prosperity”

♬ @qleen_official — 「翼をください/赤い鳥」 // Wish for “A new era of peace & prosperity” [song/music]: https://youtu.be/ZR8S-Rs4SPo


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