Organic Farming Movement (Agrocology)

Groups are forming around the organic farming movement, that suggest that the corporate or industrial style farming is destroying our soils[1] and creating problems like green house gasses. The organic farming movement thinks that it’s possible to regenerate our soils and create sustainable farming practices. Some, like @LA_CHEFs feel that this style of farming is particularly suited to small businesses, and even individual farmers that might exist in many poorer nations; but reluctantly accept that corporations and big business could operate organic style farms that will regenerate the soils also (by possibly using costly automation[2] to reduce labor costs).

This following infographic is headed agroecology, but it can also apply to organic farming:

📌 Agroecology vs industrial agriculture [infographic]: #sustainable #agriculture

📌 @LA_CHEFs ( feels that large corporate/industrial style farming is harming our planet.

📌 The Christensen Fund (mentioned on the infographic) [website]:

📌 Soil: Our Climate Ally Underfoot (it’s full of little life) [video]:  via @LA_CHEFs

📌 SOIL CARBON COWBOYS (also work to get the pollinators back—no herbicides, pesticides?) [video]: via @LA_CHEFs

SOIL CARBON COWBOYS (better water cycle, more healthy cattle) [video]:  via @LA_CHEFs

📌 Apparently grain is not good for cattle:

📌 Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet (putting carbon back into the soil) [video]:

📌 Our soil could be dead in 60 years #Transition; The Venus Project; Resource Based Economy; #RBE #TVP via @LA_CHEFs

📌 Organic No-Till Weed Management (weeds management, mulch) [video]: #cover #crops

Gabe Brown: Keys To Building a Healthy Soil :  #Transition #TVP #RBE #Life; The Venus Project via @LA_CHEFs

📌 Keys To Building a Healthy Soil : #Transition #TVP #RBE #Life #Insects-(49:15); The Venus Project

Non related video support:

📌 No dig gardening, No till farming, Mulching, Living mulch :  #Transition; The Venus Project #RBE #Food_Web

In response to “Cheap Human Labor:” 📌 The Venus Project feels we will continue 2 automate: Strawberry Picking Robot : #RBE

📌 #LA_Chefs — U.N. Urges Eating Insects; 8 Popular Bugs to Try [article]:

📌 #LA_Chefs (@LA_CHEFs) has gone through some effort to counter #Cowspiracy [article]: and feels such approaches is damaging the chances of having rational discussions about real solutions, or even to find real solutions.

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a) “i abhor factory methods of animal husbandry…so there’s no argument there”

b) “… wants lrge corp farms who can afford tht tech?yep nothin like more consolidation demandin more monocrop” (sarcastic: dislike of mono-corps, large organizations, and costly technology that most small farmers can’t afford):



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