Created “Landing” as a heading because landing rockets is still a very tricky business (if they don’t blow up on the launch-pad), no doubt the control aspects of landing are not fully developed as one might suspect. Perhaps any music placed here will also have some aspects or level of uncertainty.

♬ @Karmakarma26 — music guitar the landing [song/music]:

Have checked out Karma karma 26 work from “October” love to “Philosophy Is Dead” and this is probably the only track that really stood out from the rest. The music style of this producer is often repetitive sounding, but “music guitar the landing” is #wow level material. All Karma karma 26 music is interesting as it is easy to imagine that if various repetition style music slides in and out of play, the resultant music could easily seem much more organic sounding, or with an undertow of another rhythm it could have a very interesting dub step or techno sound. What is not included here does not make art or music invalid, as branding here based on many people’s thoughts, and this tends to shape what is placed here. This music might go really well as a background for those who like to make live speeches; it sets the pace and timing for a talk IMO. This is an example of how Karma karma 26’s music does mix well with spoken words: ♬ Philosophy Is Dead [talk/music]: ★★★


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Shortened link to article: ☆ Landing [songs and music]:

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