Double Video Pictures Problem In WordPress

Sorry to visitors of this blog/website, but videos appear to be displayed twice. At the moment it is not known how this can be fixed.

📌 Update: A few days later (still Jul 2015) this issue of “double videos” seems to have resolved itself and things are back to normal. However it is not certain if this problem will be a recurring one; 📎 Since it did occur in June 2013 also.

Double Video Pictures Problem In WordPress: because links are being converted into pictures by some sort of automated system. This problem is identical to the problem that occurred in June 2013 (and now is occurring in July 2015). It is not known if this problem will persist or be solved.

Rumor 2015: The problem may be related to WordPress working with a thing called oEmbed; but it should not effect links, only plain-text pastes into articles—so in that case oEmbed has been implemented incorrectly (as links are effected; as discussed below and in the June 2013 article). oEmbed does have security issues, as content can  become active in your website (depending on how oEmbed is implemented), and this includes links,  clickable buttons, share, and possibly advertising (and all the related cookies and trackers that advertisers love to use so much). An example use of oEmbed is to add an actual tweet (from twitter) into an article like this one.

Warning:developers are turning on and off oEmbed (if that is what is occurring) so take care if you use this feature in your wordpress or website; as your content may be damaged at the whim of a software engineer’s redesign, or code experiments. Currently the author has found no known way to turn off this oEmbed feature—perhaps because oEmbed will become a standard feature in the future for WordPress and website designs.

A cut and paste plain-text-form of a hyper-link from twitter is provided below: it should with oEmbed automatically convert to an embedded tweet inside this article. From what the author understands—twitter decided how its content is to be displayed in this website, and if @swissspidy decides to delete the tweet, or twitter is not working: the (oEmbed) embedded tweet will revert back into the plain-text form of the hyper-link.

You can find a more about what happened in June 2013 (double video problem) in an article here: Videos displayed twice [article]:

In short:

A video picture is given

A link to that video is also provided, but the shortened-link version is used here so that it is not automatically expanded into a picture.

Example of video link (shortened version of link is used here):

1) Cotton Candy☆Magical First Date 【KARAOKE】 [song/music]:

When the problem is occurring, the following YouTube link is turned into a picture, and this means that the text-form of the hyper-link information is lost:

2) Cotton Candy☆Magical First Date 【KARAOKE】 [song/music]:

(under normal—or previous HTML—rules, the text-from of the hyper-link is not converted into a picture)

This is what the above example 2 should look like:

2) Cotton Candy☆Magical First Date 【KARAOKE】 [song/music]: h t t p s : / / y o u t u . b e / 7 L L q x X X s M T 0

3) In some cases hyper-links to things like Pinterest (h t t p s : / / w w w . p i n t e r e s t . c o m /) may simply not be displayed (the text-information is totally lost).

Off Topic

Apparently these engineering problems also occur with people’s privacy settings, causing what was once private to become public. Occasionally this resetting of information may be caused by the linking of various social networks, and groups you are a part of posting stuff that effects your own settings.

There is no word or name for this shifting of settings caused by engineers or those in charge of software design that cause an unexpected change in privacy settings (to the authors knowledge). Such accidental (?) changes in privacy setting can have devastating effects and affects on an person—so it is something to keep in mind when social networks are used.

In the case of double pictures and links being lost the effect is serious for a website such as this one where such information is common, and it could have professional loss of face issues, but it is not the same as private information being made public. In effect we all have relevant things to say and share, but that does not mean that we want it all to be public knowledge. In some societies there is also very harsh punishments on people who are Innocent (because trials—if any—are biased against the person), or people can receive serious punishment or death penalties for what very minor transgressions, or in the case of societies where minorities are targeted: beliefs, sexuality, customs, culture, religion, fashion, and probably a whole lot more can be targeted by laws (or mobs of people) for serious punishments.

These simple engineering or software design changes are in fact a real worry—as they might be the tip of the iceberg in terms of accidents in privacy settings many of us might be unaware of (and as a result we may not be aware of the large number of people in our society, or global-society that might be hurt, or have their lives ruined because of  unexpected glitches and changes in the privacy settings).

Off Topic—loosing parent information for pages

A problem that occurred in 2015 (but may still be a problem). It is not certain if all users are effected by this edit-bug.

WordPress also has problems with the pages that have a parent (the ways that pages are structured in a hierarchical format). In Edit—the page—this parent information is lost and a website or WordPress site can start to look very messy in such cases.

To solve this problem the pages must be edited in WP Admin. To find the page of interest  (should you have a lot of pages) simply type the name (or the partial name) of the page into the search box at the top of the page list: this should result in a much shorter list of pages that might be of interest to you. Editing pages in this way will not result in the loss of information of what the parent to the page is (should one be specified).

Off Topic—Pascal Birchler AKA @swissspidy

His tweet is mentioned here (above), so some expansion is warranted: as this person is quite interesting, and is working on some projects now, and possibly in the future that may have an impact on us all…

@swissspidy organizer & Founder of several ideas can concepts

It seems common for creative people not to succeed on the first try, so several ideas are trialed and developed. This is not surprising given that businesses fail at 75%–80% of the time. swissspidy seems to be willing to trial several ideas, and some of them are listed here.

Current ideas from this person include

Sample tweet: 📌 “A WordPress scholar, consultant, and developer.” ~ @wpscholar, (via @swissspidy & )

1) It should be noted that it did take some effort to find spsholar’s twitter account as it is not mentioned in wptalents.

2) with oEmbed, it can be a little nerve-wracking to leave plain text hyper-links, as they could potentially be converted into content.

Swisspidy was working on “WP feature plugin”, and that led to this interesting piece of information from GNU General Public License, version 2: This page of the website has a selection for a plain-text version of the [GNU] gpl 2.o license, and this plain-text version was pasted into one of swisspidy’s github documents. It is always interesting to see how people actually implement such licenses.



Last edited in Jul 2015
Gharr is currently in hiatus: “I miss writing all those articles, and sharing all those great things, and ideas on the internet.” 2015

Shortened link to article: 📍 Double Video Pictures Problem In WordPress (Jul 2015) [article]:

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