News Flash: “☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki decides to take down her old music videos in 2015”

A Girl Singer’s Best Friend

Technical Date: Accessed Feb 2016

🎤 女の子の親友。 // A Girl Singer’s Best Friend: The Essential Stompbox for Vocalists (VE-20, Vocal Live Performer) [info]:


There is no way to know what journey ☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki will take. For the fans we might like to hope she will continue to entertain us and bring us interesting information.

☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki is featured here in many places, so a lot of changes will occur to this website because of this. However the good news is that any material that is lost will be replaced by new artists or alternative material (if possible), so it is hoped if you really miss ☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki’s media and music, there will still be alternatives that you can enjoy.


“Gonna delete away all my old covers soon” ~ ☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki 14 March 2015.

In May-June all of ☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki’s old videos were no longer available. There has also been a mention that she may be deleting all her old social media stuff.

How much of a fresh start in life, remaking her image, and remake of art-forms that ☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki will work on is yet to be determined. Perhaps we may even need to take some time to get to know this new girl, and for some of us new star/idol (if she chooses to continue down that path).

☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki has studied marketing, so she might want to present herself and her work in a different way to reflect those newly gained skills, and to make full use of all the things she has learned and is able to do.

To the fans of ☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki—hope you enjoy the new girl on the block, and if she chooses to continue to be an entertainer, reviewer, reporter, and magazine editor (and possibly other things) then we might get some very pleasant surprises.


In twitter these may be deleted, so sorry if that happens.

  • “Gonna delete away all my old covers soon” ~ reference and account is no longer available…



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Shortened link to article: 📌 News Flash: “☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki decides to take down her old music videos in 2015… and possibly some of her old social media material.” [article]:

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