#energy_internet #3Dprinter_internet #information_internet #recycling_internet & #transport_internet

There are going to be attempts to centralize this new period, but it seems that this movement will not tolerate going back to the old way of doing things.

✎ A World Beyond Markets

✎ A World Beyond Markets [ video ]: http://youtu.be/1mJAE45LR8o #energy_internet #3Dprinter_internet #information_internet #recycling #transport

✎ The Third Industrial Revolution (the new internet age, social projects (zero cost) have value

✎ The Third Industrial Revolution [ video ]: http://youtu.be/I9Ts9nGGjho #social_projects #zero_cost #the_new_materials_energy_logistics_internet


This information was via J.D and he’s becoming a extremely good source of information, has a great attitude to his community, and gardening.

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