☆ Takashima Sakurako Songs & Music

Japanese songs sound really nice to English speakers who don’t understand Japanese words—even if such songs have errors in them. You might be surprised to learn that Japanese people like songs sung in English, even if those words have errors in them.

Gharr works on a worldwide scale; and likes the idea of international songs that may have errors or don’t use correct language. Simply put: those songs still sound great!

Takashima Sakurako is a singer that just simply sounds great. No doubt: if she becomes very popular on the international scene, she might be strongly encouraged to use proper English, and that will be a sad loss for her true fans that see that she is carving a new history in the world of music that knows no borders, and does not separate people into groups based on language or looks “Dun Dun!”

☆ Takashima Sakurako // 高嶋桜子 — Free World

☆ Takashima Sakurako // 高嶋桜子 — Free World [song/music]: http://youtu.be/L4OBlPQ899A

☆ Takashima Sakurako // 高嶋桜子 — DUN DUN

☆ Takashima Sakurako // 高嶋桜子 — DUN DUN [song/music]: http://youtu.be/Puv_kCrAzQY

☆ Takashima Sakurako // 高嶋桜子 — Song of Love

☆ Takashima Sakurako // 高嶋桜子 — Song of Love // 愛の唄 [song/music]: http://youtu.be/VggrbJrfIqg


Last edited in Jun 2014

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