Sabotendoll Songs And Music

☆ Sabotendoll — Merry-go-round of glass

☆ (@kanamonkey82 // AKA monkey82) sabotendoll // 仙人掌人形 — Merry-go-round of glass // 「ガラスのメリーゴーランド」 PV [song/music]:

☆ Sabotendoll  — Seven Stars

☆ (@kanamonkey82//AKA monkey82) sabotendoll // 仙人掌人形 — Seven Stars // 「セブンスター」 [song/music]

☆ sabotendoll  — Lullaby to dear

☆ Sabotendoll // 仙人掌人形 — Lullaby to dear // 「愛しき人へのララバイ」[song/music]:

☆ @kanamonkey82 // AKA monkey82 Explained: In Japan, the monkey protects against evil & guards the temples [website]:

☆ sabotendoll // 仙人掌人形 — Lamp

This is a very laid back and relaxing track.

☆ (@kanamonkey82 // “… AKA monkey82”) sabotendoll // 仙人掌人形 — Lamp // 「ともしび」[song/music]:,

☆ @kanamonkey82 // AKA monkey82 Explained: One of the lesser known meanings of kana//仮名 is alias [dictionary]:

AKA monkey82 is classed as a fragmented sentence. If space permitted, it should B written as ☆ @kanamonkey82 or ‘…also known as monkey82.’

If you are a fan of ☆ @kanamonkey82 & ☆ Sabotendoll // 仙人掌人形, then you might want to check their official website:

End Notes

Kana is normally thought to relate to “The Japanese Writing system. Composed of katakana (rigid, used for foriegn words), Hiragana (wavy, the basic pronounciation set), Kanji (chinese characters) and Romanji (english letters). ” ( when accessed in 2014)

However Kana does have other meanings, and alias is the meaning that is discussed here.

Kana can have several meanings.  For this singer it probably means: “仮名: pseudonym, Kana, alias, Japanese syllabary, Japanese alphabets, pen name”

There seems to be several ways to write pseudonym (not a common word when used in english–alias, or pen name is more popular): ペンネーム, 偽名 & 仮名

Also 匿名 (Anonymity), and の仮名 (Pseudonym of)

For the purposes of this singer: kanamonkey82 –> Kana Monkey82 could be the same as AKA Monkey82 in English (the author used aka monkey82 to avoid it being a distraction in the text block).

Also Known As is normally abbreviated in this way: a.k.a or AKA (

The reason this effort in the definition was made: a lot of common words used in countries where English is not the native language or the commonly used language are discovered or found by English speakers, or used by people when they or their products/services end up overseas. When such words are placed into search engines in English speaking countries, unsavory industries have taken advantage of the fact that such words are popular, and are not used in the local region. The result is that when you place such a word in a search engine you end up with a large number of references (url, hyper-links) that are of a unsavory nature. To avoid English speakers being annoyed by results from searching for information on the singer, the author has provided the information for those readers; but this may still not stop people doing searches on the singer, but it will help inform people that the singer’s twitter (alias) name has little to do with what is found in the search engine results.

As the alternative meanings of Kana becomes well known: such silly search engine results will probably disappear, and a long explanation here would then be no longer necessary.

For the programmer: kana in unicode might be of interest:


Last edited in Jun 2014

Shortened link to article: ☆ Sabotendoll Songs And Music [article]:

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