Ex-JKT48 Members

Performers (or just ordinary people) from JKT48 that may be of interest to Gharr

  • Cleo (Ex-JKT48 Member), currently a member of 2angels & a singer/dancer
  • Ochi (Ex-JKT48 Member)
  • Stella Cornelia (Ex-JKT48 Member) & now a singer
  • Cindy Gulla: (Ex-JKT48 Member) performer, a possible franchise to character called


Some of these performers will or already do have one or more articles here that are separate from this page.

Cindy Gulla

Appears to be serious about both performing and becoming a doctor.

JKT48 Stuff

Cindy Gulla: officially it is listed that Ms Gulla did not graduate, but was dismissed from JKT48[1]. At a earlier time however, Ms Gulla did announce her graduation on Feb 7, 2014: leading to some confusion about what was going on.

The media loves to have some controversy once in a while—it makes for attention grabbing headlines; so Ms Gulla must have been of some interest to the sensationalists of the media world. The truth behind the official statement, and what seems to be a case of Ms Gulla not graduating is quite likely to confuse fans. However some fans have made graduation videos to celebrate her new life outside JKT48:

Cindy Gulla JKT48 Graduation Project #ThankYouCindyGullaJKT48

☆ Cindy Gulla JKT48 Graduation Project #ThankYouCindyGullaJKT48 [song/music]: http://youtu.be/rMzit7rh4-U

Points of interest about Cindy Gulla

Cindy Gulla does perform in videos and has a character called ccc and here is a description of that character:

“Cindy Gulla ™ cartoon character created by Cindy Anderson Christina Gulla characteristics. Cindy Gulla ™ is a 15-16 year old girl who is full of imagination and curiosity. She loves adventure, exploring and trying new things. Cindy Gulla ™ also loved to study a variety of things, ranging from history, mathematics, physics, science, technology, and loves to talk and tell stories.” ~ http://www.cindygulla.com/about-cindy-gulla/ when accessed in 2014. The company that is involved with this character is called: “2014 Happy Kingdom Inc.”

Check out the cartoon character called “Cindy Gulla ™”[website]: http://www.cindygulla.com/about-cindy-gulla/ #just #so #Japanese (◕ω◕) kawaii

Cindy Gulla contact points:

The “Cindy Gulla ™ cartoon character” currently has no separate contact points.



  • Reasons for Cindy Gulla being dismissed from JKT48 [thread]: http://www.jkt48stuff.com/2014/02/jkt48-officials-announcement-cindy-gulla/
  • “Cindy Gulla announces her graduation from JKT48 in Feb 7, 2014:” http://www.jpop-idols.com/en/cindy-gulla-jkt48-graduation/
  • “Announcement About Cindy Gulla, February 16, 2014: Keep in mind that Cindy Gulla from Team A has committed an inappropriate act as a member JKT48.” http://jkt48.com/news/detail/id/232?lang=id
  • Unsubstantiated Rumors are related to contract breaches which include:
    • She fell in love, has a boyfriend, or has a secret boyfriend
    • signing another contract with a TV show
    • she resigned in a way that was not permitted by the contracts her parents (probably) signed—possibly because she wants to become a doctor (it was mentioned on her website in 2014, but this may not have anything to do with her dismissal from JKT48—it’s normal for JKT members to Graduate)
    • JKT48 forgot to get Cindy Gulla to sign a contract… and thus she has been working for JKT48 without a contract (even Gharr finds it a little hard to believe that one).


Last edited in Jun 2014

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