❉ The Universe Mind Map

End Notes

In the early stages of this website, things were less certain, and it was not known what would be of interest to the world community. So started to work on slightly technical articles. But the music seemed more popular, and easier to share in a fairly stressful environment, so that side grew, and the less popular science articles fell into the past for the most part. However they will make a nice background to Gharr’s new venture in 2018 of curating our ever changing world, and focusing more on being a performer.

The indents in the list above represent some relationship between the lower item. This can be rendered into a pearltree (in the old style) or a mind map. A visual representation can make it easier to visualize the connection between ideas, and concepts. This is a mini-mind map or small pearltree, that forms a much larger one.

Rapid transits may mix the mind-map or peartree in some way, that is designed to make moving between nodes quick, rather then for meaning.

The concept of limiting the size of the mini-tree, or mini-mind-map makes sure that this article does not get too large.

Way José


Does not seem active the internet anymore. Seems to have checked into facebook in Jul 2018. Original twitter account no longer exists.

♬ Way José — The Humbling Hum [song/music]: http://wayjose.com/track/stay-in-the-light


The article has been renamed


Last edited in Aug 2018

Shortened link to article: ❉ The Universe Mind Map [Node]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-2Xt

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