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RPG games are reviewed on this website/blog (there are some people producing live videos as well of their role playing games, and it can be quite fun to watch them, and that too is mentioned here in this website/blog). This article is an expansion on that theme, by mentioning some ideas that exist “out there”.

This is just some interesting collections of Role Playing Game (RPG) ideas. At the moment this section is expected to be focused on science fiction, but that genre is wide and could include all sorts of adventures and adventurers. For example Minecraft is popular, and it is one of many tools that can be used to make maps. Minecraft also has some cool monsters and zombies—well creepers actually.

Fun (and easy) Way To Draw The Galaxy

The following map is a abstract map of the galaxy, the “Nexus Of Good Guy Alien Combine (NOGGAC)” forms a very abstract five spiral look of a galaxy, and that is on of the reasons that this art style looks so “cute.”

More realistic galaxy maps are possible, but it is trying to make the creation of them fun that counts. This map style seems to be easy, and fun to produce as part of a group project.

It seems that players can get involved not only with the creation of their characters, but also the galaxy. The author would have used the “Singing Miku’s Galactic Alliance,” but thought that might get a copyright notice O_O, so decided not to risk it. For your own maps, you could invent or use all sorts of serious and fun names.

Galaxy Map (Original) by Gharr (2014)


This was made with a basic paint program, and just thinking up some fun names for the different parts of the galaxy. It is assumed that the “Nexus Of The Good-Guy Alien Combine” is probably something like a space-travelers aid society.”

It was kind of fun thinking up strange names, to totally ridiculous names, and then imagining what those societies are like. In a Role Playing Game, it might be part of the game-play to get all the players together to discuss, and flesh out the details of an empire whose name was probably created by one of the players. The GM (Game Master) could then go away for some time and make adventures based on those notes—with twists and turns as required to make the adventure fun, mysterious, and flow smoothly. The fun names also give character to the regions of the galaxy and possibly will produce memorable adventures.

The only area of the galaxy that might be hard to read is the “Mindless Hordes Of 3 Legged Insect Monsters (MHO3LIM, in red at left hand bottom corner).” Most RPGs have monsters in them, so it’s nice to provide a few areas where there is a lot of risk to adventuring there.

Little mapping tricks like this can make it fun for the players, and help the GM keep the universe consistent.

Simple Background and Foreground Structure


This is a cool idea that is based on a very simple background, with minimal colors.

The grass is a three strand pattern that is repeated in different ways to form the illusion of a basic ground cover. The main feature of the RPG is the two buildings and that is where the adventure can begin. Three shades was used for the main building, and three colors for the side building/vehicle. Other types of buildings could easily be drawn onto the fore ground, the players will probably not mind generic backgrounds as the main feature and focus of the adventure is the buildings.

All this was drawn by hand using simple shapes in one sitting. So it should not be beyond most artists that are able to draw simple shapes on the fly.

RPG Maps

This is one way to graph out a story line on the fly (two possible story lines are given here to allow players the chance to express their interests (one based in space, the other based on the ground). If a GM has to create lots of stories, then this method might help make the process easier.

RPG Graph 2

This is a flow graph where each adventure part is listed on the graph. Notice the three branches that end in dead-ends are not RPG-Group deaths, they are like mini-side adventures that are optional to the main story. Again these mini-adventures can be customized to the players interests, or the sub-group that happens to have turned out for one of those odd days a player can’t make it.

Examples of player interests: might be to understand the world their characters live in, or to undertake adventures and challenges that the player’s character has an interest in. Sometimes setting up a side adventure where the player can get a chance to ham it up, and fully role play their character (acting opportunities) is also fun for the rest of the group, and a chance for the player to gain experience in portraying different characters (a challenge in itself). So side adventures are a chance to construct something that is related to the main story, but also gives the players an extra chance to get what they want out of the game that might not normally be available in the main story line.

The main story is also divided into to paths: a ground adventure, and a space adventure that might tell the same story in different settings based on the players interests. The GM may need to start the adventure then flesh out the main-path the player group chooses to undertake an adventure on.

Since the GM probably has the basic elements of the story, it is only a matter of adding props, characters, and background details that fit the branch chosen.

Minecraft 1.6.2: Adventure map!

For that true retro look in a sci-fi world, spacecraft, or whatever, Minecraft can do quite well as a mapping tool for your game.

☆ Minecraft 1.6.2: Adventure map! [music & the map]: http://youtu.be/iBQnjQIuYiA

☆ Map Making in Minecraft community (can also be used for #RPG) [website]: http://www.planetminecraft.com/

This community was via a tweet by @theN11cK, whose group makes maps and videos about Minecraft.

Star-ships and Bases

Space engineers is similar to Minecraft, but it does have some more complex shapes that make the whole thing look more realistic.

In Space Engineers (2014) asteroids can not be moved, so a star-ship

Space Engineers – Abandoned Ships & Booby Traps, Merciless Pirating

✎  Space Engineers (basic ship models)  that might be used as #maps for #RPG : http://youtu.be/wXD-I2Hn4ts

♬ Space Engineers – Mobile Base of Operations

♬ Space Engineers – Mobile Base of Operations [music & base tour]: http://youtu.be/40zn39foQAs (includes small vessels) #RPG #Map or #PC #Game

♬ Space Engineers – Asteroid Base

♬ Space Engineers – Asteroid Base (might be used for #RPG #Maps) [music & tour]: http://youtu.be/TBMuFuYPOcE

Planet Explorers

This computer-game has a option to go into build mode. Currently there are no videos with players experimenting with this, but this too could form an interesting #RPG backdrop.

A Resource Based Economy Galaxy

This discussion is based around a mod for galactic civilizations III, but could apply to other styles of computer games also.

I suppose for game development you do need a backdrop story to base the game design, I don’t really know if a game mod would achieve that. Here is a background story (below) for you. I don’t know if a war-game based platform is really a suitable for a RBE-galaxy–since a peaceful galaxy must be the worst case scenario for such a game.

Galactic Civilizations is a war game. If you have like 8 alien civilizations in a galaxy, you would need to strive to be a RBE-galaxy or galactic community (of 8 alien civilizations in this example).

Basically a type 3 civilization tries to utilize the entire energy of the galaxy [wiki]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale

Rather then use galactic energy (a scary thought in itself) and galactic materials for warfare as in galactic civilizations, it would be used to form a galactic community to do other things–but what you might ask? That is a good question, it is hard enough to imagine humanity using the entire energy of the sun–type 2 civilization, because that type of civilization utilizes all the energy from the sun and would have probably built a huge sphere around the sun (Dyson sphere [wiki]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere).

Perhaps a RBE-galaxy might strive to some of the stuff a type 4 civilization takes for granted: altering physics, travel between universes, complete control over evolution and genetic alteration on solar system and galactic scales, time travel (possibly, and altering history to avoid disasters), conversion of bodies into pure energy, creating new universes, creating entire cybernetic civilizations to serve the “RBE-galaxy”, extend lifespans to to say 3 billion years (the galaxy is a big place for example, it will take time to explore it all), huge projects like star-gates that allow instant travel around the galaxy, move entire planets around the universe, and possibly other stuff that I can’t think of right now.

If we assume that a RBE-galactic civilization (made up of 8 alien races, genetically altered beings, and cybernetic servants) took for granted the idea of a Resource Based Economy, then they might get the bare basics of a star-ship.

Individuals in a RBE-galaxy would be able to probably make use of billions of cybernetic robots and machines that might be spread all over the galaxy (but they would not own those, they would just request to use their services when needed). Those cybernetic robots and machines would craft any required items or machines.

Individual in a RBE-galaxy would probably have access to a huge base where research, communications, the galactic version of the internet (perhaps a hologram or virtual reality that to them would seem to be very real), manufacture, energy collection, and recycling could be done. The huge base might be deconstructed or left behind if the individual in the RBE-galaxy decided to move on.

“The internet of things” also gives us a insight to the idea that our environment will react to our bodies condition (hunger, exhaustion, thirst), what we are thinking, and even our emotions.

Since a Resource Based Economy takes care of our basic needs, and tries to avoid things like conflict and war, the question might be: what is the next step that a RBE-galaxy might take to improve the galactic community (of 8 alien species, genetically altered beings, and cybernetic servants)?

I suppose the next step beyond a RBE might be emotions, spirituality or understanding of our place in the universe, and with our environment reacting to our presence: can our feelings and beliefs shape our environment into a form that will bring joy and strengthen the bonds, and friendships in the galactic community.

I suspect that each individual in a RBE-galaxy will work on their own projects and interests–but still take an interest in the RBE-galactic community. Since there will still be no leaders; no money; and in a RBE-galaxy the galactic community would have automated government; a language that can be interpreted in only one way; and a strong community of problem solvers that would work on solving any unexpected problems (or routine problems) that might occur in a RBE-galaxy: a RBE-galaxy will have some things in common with a RBE-world.

More Stuff

possibly more stuff  will be added here, but it is hard to say when as this is more of a random discovery area.


Last edited in May 2014

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