The Venus Project (privately made video resource) — The War Tumor

The Venus Project (privately made video resource) — The War Tumor

☆ The Venus Project (privately made video resource) — The War Tumor [video]: [no more wars] Resource Based Economy

There is quite a story behind this video. A person (it may have been a team of people, but possibly not all of them did the same amount of work) produced a thing called The Venus Project Magazine. The magazine was always asking for funding, using The Venus Project social media, and eventually The Venus Project pulled the plug.

The people at The Venus Project have good reasons for behaving as a private organization in the way they do. Past videos indicate that some people have tried to make it difficult to The Venus Project to achieve it’s aims, and project outcomes. Many of us don’t understand what a leaderless group is, and The Venus Project also tries to give us some idea of how that works also—but the two approaches of organization don’t mesh will in a society dominated by a monetary based system, and a culture of competition. As a result the People that interact directly with The Venus Project can find some friction, if they take the focus off the fact that it’s the relationship with people that need to be cultivated, not the project, or a specific way of doing things—which will ultimately always be forced to fall back to a formal leadership model of a monetary based private organization: with all the resultant office politics.

Out on the Internet, and in the global community, you can operate as a leaderless organization, and share stuff for free using creative commons or a GNU GPL license. If you’re working on group projects, people just do their own stuff, and branch off their additions, modifications, or remixes if their work is not accepted by the originators of the unmodified work (the creative commons, and the GNU GPL license allow for this).

Possibly the person who was the main contributor of The Venus Project Magazine, did not really understand the decision making process behind the withdrawal of support from The Venus Project, and wrote a long article of what that person thought was possible reasons for the resulting loss of support in making and funding The Venus Project Magazine. That document is not included here in this article.

The Venus Project Supporters (and visitors) are probably unaware of what happened to The Venus Project Magazine or why the original video (The War Tumor) link from The Venus Project no longer works (it has been made private). The parting of ways by the producer(s) of this video and the magazine was not a happy one.

That person is still making media for The Venus Project, but is doing so independently, and at their own pace.

A discussion of leaderless groups, and the formal group structure of The Venus Project is gone into in another section here. If you intend to work directly with The Venus Project and the people there, you may need to fully understand how the interpersonal relationships work in a formal and well defined way: to ensure the maximum possible success with your, or your group’s projects.

The person who uploaded the video (that works above) may have been involved directly or indirectly with The Venus Project Magazine, but that is just speculation. He holds some really good archived footage of The Venus project, and my thanks go out to him; as his archived videos make it much easier to explain some critical concepts about The Venus Project.

There are many people that have done some excellent work in explaining The Venus Project, and the split with the Zeitgeist Movement caused a loss of access to some really good media that has been used here in the past (the Zeitgeist Movement was an official part of The Venus Project for a while). The first original notes here for The Venus Project, was sourced from video mixes by independents that supporters the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. The links to those original video mixes no longer work 😦



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