Vocaloid Days

☆ノ彡 neutrino P [GUMI, Yukari, Lily & CUL] — Take it shake it

☆ノ彡 neutrino P [GUMI, Yukari, Lily & CUL] — Take it shake it [Kaleidostar] (VOCALOID COVER) [song/music]: http://youtu.be/uKIwQqEwOks #Vocaloid

☆ [Luka x Miku x SeeU] — Bakunyumorion

This song/dance seems to be very popular, and seeing lots of comments that they can’t stop listening to it.

☆ [Luka x Miku x SeeU] — Bakunyumorion [MMD] [song/music/dance]: http://youtu.be/PGwN1-fBaP0 #Vocaloid

☆【GUMI】— 天誅//Tenchu

☆ @kasane333【GUMI】— 天誅//Tenchu【オリジナル曲MV】[song/music]: http://youtu.be/xwCqFwA0Tk4 #vocaloid ♬

☆ [MMD] Yuzuki Yukari — Hello/ How Are You?

☆ [MMD] Yuzuki Yukari — Hello/ How Are You? [song/music/dance]: http://youtu.be/-CqsxNCsyms via ☆ノ彡 neutrino P #Vocaloid #VoiceroidPlus

☆【Nostalgic Anime Circle】 —「Catch you Catch me」(Anime)

This should probably not be here, but a lot a music and song producers of Vocaloid, and UTAU music also like the manga comics and anime. This is here to honor a possible part of what goes into their creativity, and the resultant dances, music and songs we come to love so much.

☆【Nostalgic Anime Circle】— 「Catch you Catch me」 を歌ってみた [song/music]: http://youtu.be/qkQvoMwSU_E


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