Kerli has mentioned that she’s interested in going to Asia. Not sure if that is to live there or just to do a tour.

The following video introduces us to Kerli, and her creative methods in writing music and songs.

Interview with Kerli, by Toomas Olljum

In this interview, Kerli might have wanted to share information with new artists, but the audience was small and probably included a lot of reporters.

Interview with Kerli, by Toomas Olljum – Tallinn Music Week 2014 seminars:

Of interest: Kerli was shocked by her early life in the music industry, as she thought her work-mates were friends. She found out that this was not the case, and it hurt her feelings a great deal (even to this day).

She comes from a small village in Estonia. She says that the communist governments tended to rule over the social scene, making it popular for people to conform and look alike—and often music tended to be conservative because of this. Kerli wanted to be creative and that was part of the drive that caused to work in Sweden and in the USA. As mentioned above, she is also interested in visiting Asia (She showed a large hello kitty stuffed toy as part of her created dress code at the interview for example; to give herself (or at least her portrayed character) a (◕ω◕) kawaii look.

Her life has it’s bad at times, she does miss her home town, but she likes to be creative, produce songs & music, and make fashion for herself (to create a character she can fit into and I suppose play the part of the actor for that created character).

She also comes from a time of albums—but today is a time of single songs—where you were signed by labels. It would seem that the groups that work in the industry do want young people to come up with innovative ideas, so they can have a new angle on music that they themselves seem unable to produce as they tend to simply focus on popular music, looking hot, and profits. Kerli enjoys the freedom of producing music and being creative because it makes her happy, but when she works with teams she puts some of her control on the back burners and just has fun with the group, realizing that it is the one who comes up with the best material that ends up having the floor for that day. Kerli is also amused by the image that music has, and the reality of music production which is quite different.

The industry today is a lot more different: Kerli calls it the “time of producing singles for your music and songs,” and having to build up the fan base on your own. She also works on the art and her own fashion designs to produce a character and performer that the fans will love. She still enjoys being creative, but is willing to work with larger groups if requested it would seem.

The video interview is quite fun to watch, and has many interesting points that are not mentioned here, so feel free to watch the video interview to learn more about Kerli. She’s a lady with a lot of emotions and passions, and perhaps that is why her music and songs strike up a vibe with her fans.

♬ Kerli — The Lucky Ones

♬ Kerli (@kerlimusic) — The Lucky Ones [song/music]:

♬ Kerli — Chemical

♬ Kerli (@kerlimusic) — Chemical [song/music]: The bodies own chemistry of love

♬ Kerli — Love Me Or Leave Me

♬ Kerli (@kerlimusic) — Love Me Or Leave Me [song/music]:


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