Darlene Denis ex-Trainee astronaut and ex-Mars colonist–but still a very interesting person.

“This past Friday, February 13th I received an email from Mars One informing me that I would not be advancing to the next round in the selection process.” ~ Darlene Denis

Quote: “I am most interested in achieving my goal of becoming a Mars One Astronaut and being one of the first four chosen to make the trip to Mars and successfully inhabit/settle a colony on Mars. Everything about this Mars mission interests me. EVERYTHING!” from https://community.mars-one.com/profile/f3c05f7f-6dc6-42a8-8528-88377a6c91f5

The Trip to Mars is a one way ticker. Mars One [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-2Lu

Darlene Denis Had a Chance To Experience Being a Part of Something That Few of Us Get a Chance to Experience.

Darlene Denis was really willing to go to Mars, even thinking about it can be scary, but being in a position where it may become a very real possibility is a experience few us will ever have. Darlene Denis is a very interesting person, and should you wish to know more about her, the basic details about here are still here.

Darlene Denis’ Team

  • Her team will consist of four people (if she is selected), and it will be one of six teams that will spend 7 years in training before launch occurs in 2014. Darlene Denis is currently thinking about how she will live on Mars and is practicing her skills at working in teams.
  • See 🚀 Mars One [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-2Lu for details about this.

Contact Points

Ms Denis is currently working with her own teams, and teams around the world. Her current tasks include study and discussions about what life might be like on Mars. She is interested in visiting The Venus Project: http://www.thevenusproject.com/ as the use of a resource based economy on Mars is a topic she would like to discuss with her own team and other trainee Mars colonists from around the world. However each astronaut and Mars colonist will be allowed to discuss their view of how life will be on Mars should be like.

It’s possible the Mars colony will declare their independence from Earth in 2050.

Ms Denis does tweet about stuff she mentioned in FaceBook (and so makes this information public). Her interests are quite wide, as they must be because she has to think about survival aspects on mars such as power, waste, food production, material science, material collection and manufacture, how people mix and work in a isolated group environment, what will be the future for the Earth and the people as Mars works to become independent in 2050. There are probably a lot more things she will have to consider also, that might have been missed in such a short paragraph.

Interesting facts

1) Apparently when the Mars Colonists make a 7 month journey to Mars [1], they will lose muscle mass. This is not of great concern, since the gravity on Mars is less. However, it seems that you can build muscles up with small weights [2] or other light exercises, and that could help @DarleneDenis on her trip to Mars, and on the planet itself.


[1] Mars One Human crew will spend 7 Months in a space craft before arriving at the pre-made Mars habitats (launched earlier, and assembled by robots and/or telemetry—remote control of robots by humans) [ video ]:  http://youtu.be/n4tgkyUBkbY (3:00 min)

[2] Muscle building using light weights: http://www.mcmaster.ca/opr/html/opr/media/main/NewsReleases/Buildingmuscledoesntrequireliftingheavyweightsstudy.htm


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Shortened link to article: Darlene Denis Trainee astronaut and Mars colonist [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-2Mj

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