Normal people, bulk internet surveillance, and harsh punishments

First of all: Gharr would like to say: “it’s terrible to see that innocent people, and groups all over the world end up being punished for just being who they are; because of harsher laws, or proposed laws, and unreasonable amounts of internet-surveillance that unnecessarily identifies them in bulk.” T.T ~ “When people share things like the awful things that their government are doing in their country—it causes concern. When your account goes dark (no longer available) Gharr can not help but feel sad.”

Second: people often feel helpless when those in power make decisions that seem to harm us and our friends. If we are a free people, then:

  1. Find solutions to those problems, or think up an idea that will solve those problems. To put this in another way: we need to think of better ways to live our lives, or look around for ideas on how we can live our lives in a better way.
  2. You need to ask yourself: Who supports and influences those in power? If we do: then we need to share good ideas with each other—because that’s what free people do.
  3. Good luck; but also try and have fun. The issues in life that cause problems for us might be very serious, but it does no harm: if we still have a sense of humor and still see nice and beautiful things in our life; and it may even help us solve the many problems that face us in life 🙂

The high profile people we see in the news, are speaking about the increased surveillance that we all seem to have to put up with—but in reality it is technically easy to allow people to make anonymous comments, but governments don’t like that for security reasons; or so they say; but is it true?

In reality, your anonymous comment is like a puzzle to the government—if they put enough effort into it, they can track you down (and solve the puzzle).

The dark murky world of 007, agents, government,  and the secret information sector is one door that the governments are using as an excuse to to have a high level of bulk internet-surveillance on everyone; and it is a very poor excuse if they openly admit that they have so little control of sensitive information and the people they hire. Unfortunately, if you add in technology and complexity: then the governments seem to be allowed to tow any line of thinking they like without telling us about it—even when their own experts feel things are not as they should be in a “free, & democratic,” society.

We are seeing increasing world-wide persecution of people by the governments as they introduce laws that results in executions, sever punishments or social problems based simply on who you are. The idea that people are genetically pre-disposed to be criminals got dismissed by science a long time ago—but politics does not care about that!

Other governments have chosen to see the way free people think as a sickness that must be cured if it’s not politically convent, or is despised by respected groups that are based on religion for example (and religion is not generally considered as the same thing as science). It is true that socially unacceptable behavior can make it difficult for other people to live their lives in a peaceful way; but the reverse is also true: if you don’t like someone or their behavior (such as sexual behavior, the desire to pray in separate places, or dress in a particular way) then that is not a reason for you to punish, or hurt them. Our society has existed for quite some time and if we have not bothered to find solutions to these simple social problems yet, we can only blame ourselves, powerful groups (including the media & business), and/or our government (if they have been overly harsh/authoritarian/dictatorship/fascist or even religious).

The desire for governments to have security is understandable, but they would probably get more intelligence if they allowed free speech without having to identify individuals—the idea that the government’s own employees, or non-existent nuclear weapons in Iraq are preventing this from happening is a ridiculous argument! We have the ability with the internet and various technologies to make this world a good place to live in. If we are really “free” then we should be able to ask for this.

The following video is about surveillance. Gharr gets tweets of concern from all over the world; and reads terrible news about what happens to people world-wide as they are being treated quite harshly, and even executed because of who they simply are.

Governments often suddenly introduce harsh laws, or propose bills (an attempt to make law) that openly discriminate against groups of people that Gharr would consider just ordinary people. Bulk internet-surveillance can result in huge numbers of people suddenly finding themselves in a lot of trouble.

The people in this video “care” about the American people (and all people should care about each other) that might be subject to illegal behavior by the government. Not having your privacy, can be a serious matter for every one of us. We need to have a place to talk anonymously—and it will not hurt security if people are free to discuss their feelings and worries in private. Social networks are starting to understand this: and let people choose who or what group they will send a particular communication out to.

NSA Whistleblower – Jesselyn Radack & Thomas Drake | London Real

✎ NSA Whistleblower—J. Radack & T.Drake//London Real [illegal government behavior, surveillance, free-speech, video]:

✎ Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet

✎ Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet :



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Shortened link to article: ✎ NSA Whistleblower—J. Radack & T.Drake//London Real [illegal government behavior, bulk-surveillance, & free-speech, article]:

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