Live Shows, Video Production, Outsourcing

The online community is changing. That also includes how businesses communicate with us.

People, and businesses can now make live shows; and communicate on twitter and other social networks during the recoding stage.

One example of live recoding is: “TwitCasting let you stream live video for free right from your iPhone/Android. Try TwitCasting Live to share the great moments with your friends andTwitter followers.”

TwitCasting: Why not start your live online show today. The author has seen Japanese twitcasting shows that lasted for over an hour!

Both businesses and individual people are now working with people all over the world, and often a thing called cloud computing becomes much more important in such cases.

One interesting point about what motivates us might surprise us, and both people working on projects, and businesses are taking notice of this. I have provided two videos, because this is a topic where different audiences might like one video over the others.

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

Shortened link: • Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation [info-video]:

RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

• RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us [info-video]:
This is a reference to “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs [wiki]:”

“Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”  does not dispute the videos ideas, as what is described in those videos is simply a part of the higher parts of the triangle.

Businesses in particular are hiring virtual employees part time or full time—this is particularly useful for small start up businesses that need to be as flexible as possible, and fill required project work with people as required. The tools to work with overseas team members is becoming much more accessible and easier to use; and this gets rid of contractors that depend on complexity to bill a business (in return big business can rapidly expand those products to the worlds markets). One common need for working with people from all over the world is cloud computing. The video below describes what it is. This wordpress site might be an example of cloud computing also—if we want to get technical.

Cloud Computing Explained in 2 minutes 38 seconds! [info-video]:

Video was sourced from this article: Small Business Ideas 2013 [article]:

With both individuals and businesses collaborating with people or groups that are all over the world, handling things like big video files becomes a problem. However there are solutions to this, and shown below is just one example of this:

Google Drive: Now access your files, even the big ones, from wherever you are [info-video]:

taken from this article: Google Drive: Now access your files, even the big ones, from wherever you are :

Businesses are increasingly also becoming dependent on video production. Videos are extremely useful to describe services: like cloud computing, and even ideas and information to customers or the business itself.  Many sales people also like to use videos to close the deal straight off, by placing them in their home (landing) page. Here is a informational video about how businesses work for example:

☯ Business Model Canvas Explained [info-video]:

Taken from: ☯ The Business Model [article]:

Video production of course is a skill, and requires good lighting (or well chosen natural lighting), sound production, and fun content (possibly using green screen or blue screen technology). There are other articles that describe this in more detail, but for the moment such information will be left out; as it is outside the scope of a very short article like this.

There also lots of issues for video producers like automated copyright checking by youtube and, deletion of G+ accounts can also mean loosing your YouTube video account—so please take the time to read the information  about this.

If your video is blocked, or your account is deleted because of a copyright claims, most producers have informed the author that emailing YouTube does seem to help; and don’t assume that you are in the wrong always, the author has seen youtube (probably using automated systems) acting against artists that produce only original work.

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Last edited in Mar 2014

Shortened link to article: Live shows, Video Production, Outsourcing [article]:

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