🔰 Rapid Transit Node

♬ Deus Ex Machina — Lovesong [song/music]: https://youtu.be/4hyPU051gH0

🔰 Rapid Transit Node

The rapid transit node normally holds other rapid transit nodes. for that reason, it is mentioned in all the Mind-Maps. Editing this single point, or its connections is much easier.

Since every Mind-Map is the source (a way to get here) of this node, they are not mentioned.

Historic Notes

This article has been renamed ~ Sep 2018. It already contained music from an alternative source, and that has been left here.

  • Panic in my room


Last edited in Sep 2018

Shortened link to article: 🔰 Rapid Transit Node: [Node]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-2Ed

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