Drift Space

Previous Heavy Hawk music is no longer available here as of 2014.

  • Drifting Space

Drift space comes from Pacific Rim (movie) and it is the shared space two pilots occupy when they are linked together with each other and the computer, so that a large mech can be controlled. It is described as merging with the other pilots consciousness, and you also share their memories.

☆ RZA feat. Blake Perlman — Drift [space] (Pacific Rim) [song/music]: https://youtu.be/HQDx9BYGv4A

♬ Skylar Cahn — Interplanetary Drift [music]: https://youtu.be/nYkA7RyZkUY

  • Tonight

♬ Kelley’s Shadow — Cause I’m here tonight [song/music]: https://soundcloud.com/kelleys-shadow/cause-im-here-tonight-techno #Techno #Dubstep #remix

  • Take the Win

☆ Metal Gear Solid 4 – Victory Song [multi-language song/music]: https://youtu.be/1xROQUdmP3U

  • Another Time

♬ Aram Valkenburg – Time Travel[music]: https://youtu.be/HCGJKefJL4c

☆ VOCALOID 3 AVANNA — Only Time [Dissidia Arrangement] (Original by Enya) [song/music]: https://youtu.be/l6bAsrLI4lk

♬ KYAU & ALBERT — Another Time (STUNNER remix) [song/music]: https://youtu.be/YJz_PJgvlP8

☆ Besmundu — Time Travel (Cubase Song) [music]: https://youtu.be/6rs8bowKjnw

☆ Sub.Sound — Another Time (Crystal Skies Remix)[music]: https://youtu.be/fkakL63AQvc

♬ Zolberg — Time Travel [music]: https://youtu.be/qxiMNWwGumI

♬ Opi Wan – TimeTravel (Remix) [music]: https://youtu.be/D9QEE2P2u_E

  • Man In The Name Of

♬ (Modal Crowds Remix) — In the name of Love (Gatchaman, toku GARNiDELiA) [music]: https://youtu.be/wY21BllTuII



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