Songs and Music

☆ノ彡neutrino P [Kokone] [GUMI] — Get Along & KOTOKO’s “Shooting Star” song

New 2018 with vocaloid 5

☆「桜乃そら//Haruno Sora」Shooting Star「MONTAGE8」「COVER」 [song/music]: (or nicovideo: ♬ #Vocaloid 5 #ボーカロイド 5 ⭐⭐⭐

Classic Vocaloid Music

☆ノ彡neutrino P [Kokone] [GUMI] — Get Along [VOCALOID COVER] [song/music]:, <a ” href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> #Vocaloid #ボーカロイド

Shortened Link: ☆ノ彡neutrino P [Kokone] [GUMI] — Get Along [VOCALOID COVER] [song/music]:

☆ 【MV】AKB48[公式] — UZA -Dance ver.

Removed in 2016 as regional filtering for Japanese music seemed to come into full force. See ☆ YouTube And The Scarcity Model [article]:

There is a version of this on Vimeo, but the comments on that video make it undesirable to be shared here.

★ The camera man makes [PV] AKB48 – UZA (Full Version) [dance] #Exciting & #Fun–642649.html

Note: controversial surrounding advertising

♬ @Antwaanmusic – Tidying up Memories

♬ @Antwaanmusic — Tidying up Memories [music]:

Shortened Link: ♬ @Antwaanmusic — Tidying up Memories [music]:

Also ♬ @Antwaanmusic is now on patreon [songs and music]:

♬Emi Meyer – Da Dance! ENCORE

♬ Emi Meyer – Da Dance! ENCORE [Dance/Song/Music]:


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Shortened link to article: ☆ Songs and Music [article]:

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