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Pinn Panelle – Failing All Dimensions

♫ Pinn Panelle – Failing All Dimensions [song/music]:

Pinn Panelle – All At Once

♫ Pinn Panelle – All At Once [song/music]:

Pinn Panelle – Throwing Out A Heart

♫ Pinn Panelle – Throwing Out A Heart [song/music]:

Pinn Panelle – Sucker Punch

♫ Pinn Panelle – Sucker Punch [song/music]:

Pinn Panelle – Oh, The Myriad

♫ Pinn Panelle – Oh, The Myriad [song/music]:

Pinn Panelle – Ghosts & Liars

♫ Pinn Panelle – Ghosts & Liars [song/music]:

Nero – Promises (Cover by Pinn Panelle)

♫ Nero – Promises (Cover by Pinn Panelle) [song/music]:

Pinn Panelle – Phat

♫ Pinn Panelle – Phat [song/music]:

Thoughts about the value and risk of shock, and satire to get an audiences attention in an marketing environment

Recently, a comment was made some place in this WordPress website using what might be called satire–the exact comment is unimportant. Pinn Panelle also has a song called face stealer, and it’s quite fun to watch and listen to–however it could also be seen as controversial on several levels.

It’s not what satire, or what controversy, what matters it that the author now has your attention for some reason! Is this a good way to grab peoples attention?

The author is beginning to think it is.

Certainly the picture used by Pinn Panelle on the ghosts and liars album cover of four gunmen pointing firearms at in circular standoff would seem to enforce the idea that these musicians are trying to grab some attention, and stay in the memory of any of the audience who check them out. But re-advertising this image over, and over again is not a good thing in the authors opinion, resulting in possibly a reduced chance at such groups being played and shared as often as they should be. The only way to describe this sort of tactic of making non-mainstream music and art (cover art in this case) is that it’s designed to be a very risky throw away component that is required to give musicians a chance to get noticed. However the risk is that this group may in fact isolate their main-stream audience and be trapped into producing more of such music, as the remaining audience is smaller and more focused on what they like and don’t like. however, on a worldwide scale, a small audience segment, might still be very large.

In the future, groups and people with attention grabbing music, videos, and other material may be mentioned temporarily here to allow that group or person that attention grabbing moment. The material will then be deleted because attention grabbing does not necessarily equate to acceptable material–and this is why face stealer has been deleted. The problem then is to re-arrange the material (if it’s songs or music) so it sounds good in some sequence.

People might disagree with this idea, but playing and sharing scary-chan stuff, will probably end up loosing mainstream people and reducing the audience size–resulting in more scary-chan music being played as this is now becoming the mainstream (segment) audience. In a flip of vision on this, this gives the person who produces the music and or the people that promotes and share that music an image (brand) of being scary-chan based for example. People start to think that this is what defines you.

Pinn Panelle has protected itself form this “branding” by producing album art that varies, and videos that vary in format–live performances will give an entirely different impression for example.

The things mentioned here is part of the reason Gharr is branded in a certain way, to make sure the mainstream people feel that they are always respected (difficult in a worldwide sense), and made to feel welcome.


Last edited in Jun 2013

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