Musical Diorama

Various songs have arrived while searching for more dances, Vocaloid, and UTAU music.

Maria Aragon ♥ FRENTE! / Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover)

This sweet lady looks totally relaxed, but she’s in fact quite professional, and has other music out there that “has over a millions of views”. It is quite possible this one will get a similar number of views also. She has visited other parts of the world, and has an understanding of various cultures.

This song is also mentioned here: ☆ TRI△NGLE LO▽E and Losing The One You Love [article]:

Maria Aragon — FRENTE!  Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover) [song/music]:

This Songs Anchored Text (Hyperlink to this place): Maria Aragon ♥ FRENTE! / Bizarre Love Triangle (Cover)

Ades Saputra — 大知正紘 – 夕恋 (Oochi Masahiro cover) // evening of love

♬ @adessaputraa has supported many JKT48 members, he has mentioned @sendyJKT48 & “Cleo” for example. Cleo is a former member of JKT48, that graduated some time ago (left the group) and is perusing her own career in the entertainment industry. Cleo can be found on twitter: @cleo2angels, The link to sound cloud for this song takes you to not only the song itself, but also the lyrics (or words) for the song.

A really good place to check out what ♬ @adessaputraa is doing is on he G+ : Rookie Boom! (

♬ @rumichoice — Living In The Mirror

♬ @rumichoice — Living In The Mirror [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — Living In The Mirror [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — Voice Of An Angel

♬ @rumichoice — Voice Of An Angel [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — Voice Of An Angel [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — Here With Me

♬ @rumichoice — Here With Me [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — Here With Me [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — Cowgirl [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — Cowgirl [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — Cowgirl [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — I Saw Her First [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — I Saw Her First [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — I Saw Her First [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — Lost And Forgotten

♬ @rumichoice — Lost And Forgotten [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — Lost And Forgotten [song/music]

♬ @rumichoice — Stand Again

♬ @rumichoice — Stand Again [song/music]: #Unique #Voice ☆Switzerland

Anchored Hyperlink: ♬ @rumichoice — Stand Again [song/music]


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Shortened link to article: Musical Diorama [article]:

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