Social media has come to a stage where, where each of the social media choices have partitions between them, and this prevents people from seeing what other social media is doing–some of those partitions are due to the fact we don’t tend to look cross to other social media. Part of the partitions between social networks also come from the fact that the market is moving over to mobile telephones.

Side-slip is one attempt at addressing this situation

UntitledPart of the problem is also that search engines don’t index peoples social media content, so it becomes hard to find. In some ways other articles here also explore this concept, by introducing blogs, music, or pictures of interest, but this is the first time the situation has been directly examined. There must be a whole lot of social media out there, but we don’t get to see it unless we join that media. Now at least, there may be a chance to discover there is more to this world then we first thought.

Because social media is also a business–even if they provide it for free, there are attempts to control stuff for financial gain. Often as the system (in this case the internet moving over to the mobile telephone networks) comes under stress, costs to maintain and integrating social networks with related software increase, this lets companies buy social networks that don’t perform well financially. The purchase is a way for a company to get rid of a current or future competitor from the market–they intend to destroy that social network.

Many of you have seen social networks closed down, more adverts placed on your social media, possibly poorer performance on you computers, or mobile devices, as software scans and takes your personal information and habits on the internet. You may feel that you have less choice now then you had before.

Business and government is about gaining income, and controlling things, that’s what they do–and not always to our advantage. It is also very difficult to determine what levels of control businesses and government will demand, as these demands vary depending on what country you are in.

In most cases we support or vote governments into power, and we participate in business, and purchase stuff from business. Just because governments and business are going to pursue and spend lots of money on agendas that you may know nothing about, does not mean that you can’t tell them what you want.

We all like to socialize, and we like to hear about the news, and what other people are saying. Most governments, and businesses that the news, adverts, promotions, and information must come from them–the way it has always been done. however we all know, that in the social networks, we like to hear what individual people have to say.

This article builds on our desire (not the governments, or businesses desire… which we will be hard pressed to understand), to hear what the other person is really saying.

This place is a direct link to various social medias, so the walls that seem to divide us are dissolved, and our curiosity is free to wonder.

Warning: some of these social networks may have occasional material that is controversial or adult orientated. If you are a young child, or young adult: please ask your parents if it is okay to visit these websites.

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