You know who I am // I live in your heart // I am a part of all life

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You know who I am // I live in your heart // I am a part of all life // I carry your hopes #spacecraft #we_made_it #unending_journey #poem

I turn my antenna towards them // listen to their faint fading voices // I carry their dreams in my hands #spacecraft #we_made_it #unending_journey #poem

They Are Living Things // They May Die Out // But My Journey Will Never End // Everlasting #spacecraft #we_made_it #unending_journey #poem


☆ 【初音ミク】Heliosphere【オリジナル曲】[song/music]: Played 4 @Bob_Richards, @neutrino006, & @Nighthawk_Black #Vocaloid

While the author was making this article, which has some nice poetry–and is a very serious subject–the author was listening to what “their faint living voices” were saying (from that small ball called the earth). Here one of the things that was happening on twitter:

“what the fuck? = research question.
how the fuck? = methodology.
those fucks = lit. review.”

This is a quote from @NeinQuarterly

While this sounds good, @NeinQuarterly uses the same analogy for several different things, but does vary the words that come before the F*ck word. Still, it made me think about how research and hypothesis is defined. Is there a simple but silly way to define them that hopefully is not XXX rated 😀

The authors own feeling on these words–research and hypothesis, is that their definitions has changed, and been used in different ways over time. The two words have become increasingly separated when used by the scientific, business and government groups. Theory now seems to have a strong definition that is related to the pure sciences like physics, maths, and chemistry. This definition included repeatability, and peer review.


Last edited in May 2013

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