Page links, URLs (now renamed Example 101)

Original Heading: “Page links, URLs”

Page links, URLs in WordPress come in two forms:

  1. Long Link: (amazingly, this link still works after we change the URL name for the article to “example-101”, but for how long is unknown.)
  2. Short Link: (this name will remain the same when we change the article URL name)

Now we will change the name of this article to “example-101”

  1. Long Link: (this is the new name we gave the article)
  2. Short Link: (this remains the same, even though the article URL has been changed)

While this name change occurred on the same day this article was created, the date 2013/05/04 will not change for the life of the article.

Edits will also not change the date, but the date and time of the edit will be stored in the records, so you can access them at a later date.

Now the Heading is changed from “Page links, URLs” to “Page links, URLs (now renamed Example 101)”

This has no effect on the published date, or the URL. The links to this article should still be valid. However if people outside the article quoted the heading, their article will in most cases still have the old heading name. So once a article is created, changing the name of the heading should be avoided if possible.

This document should not be deleted, as it is used by another article in this WordPress site.

This article is mentioned in this article: How WordPress Lists Posts, Pages, Categories, & Tags work [article]:

End of Article

Shortened link to article: Editing and changing the name of an article [article]:


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