Nakamura Shotaro, Hatsune Miku — series

Shotaro took down or made his video’s unaccessible to certain regions (a practice that is not good when music is shared world-wide).

It seems however a person has made covers of his music using Gumi possibly, and so while it is not normal to cross-promote music in the following way, it is a band aid solution for the moment.

I lot of Japanese music also disappeared around this time (June 2016) possibly related to the following article: ☆ YouTube And The Scarcity Model [article]:

★ JP-Requiem- #Hard #Metal #Rock [song/music]:,

★ Stepmother #Soft #Rock [song/music]:,

★ ニチリン [Nichirin] #Hard #Rock [song/music]:,

★ 七生報国 [Shichi Sho Ho Koku] #Hard #Rock [song/music]:,


Last edited in Jun 2016

Shortened link to article: ♬ Nakamura Shotaro ★ Hatsune Miku — series [song/music]: [article]: #Vocaloid

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