#News: The Meeting of Giants in the Vocaloid and UTAU Communities Apr 2013

To say this meeting is huge, might be an understatement!

☆ノ彡 @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] was not at the meeting, but he was acknowledged by the participants on twitter, and perhaps even on the video. It is assumed (because he traveled) that he did reach the meeting, but was too tired to attend and/or felt that he could not contribute as he did not speak Japanese.

#News Meeting of Giants in Vocaloid & UTAU 12 Apr 2013 [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-22S @VocaloidSongs, @neutrino006, @Tempo_P, & @tomo_ahs

ニュース:Vocaloidsの世界で巨人の会議 [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-22S @VocaloidSongs, @neutrino006, @Tempo_P, & @tomo_ahs [波打際のおがたさん]

(Translated: “News: Meeting of the giants in the world of Vocaloids [article]:“)

Comments on video ✈✈ &  Listing of instruments on video (meeting)

Sign shown at 12:41 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, belongs to “Messe Frankfurt:” http://www.messefrankfurt.com/frankfurt/en/messe/willkommen.html

Korg Stand shown at 12:45 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, belongs to “Korg:” http://www.korg.com/Corporate

Korg instrument shown at 15:06 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a Volca Keys – Analogue Loop Synth: http://www.korg.com/volcaseries

Korg instrument shown at 16:39 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a Volca Bass – Analogue Bass Machine: http://www.korg.com/volcaseries

Korg instrument shown at 17:30 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a Volca Beats – Analogue Rhythm Machine: http://www.korg.com/volcaseries

At the meeting, @VocaloidSongs, @neutrino006, @Tempo_P, & @tomo_ahs discuss technical things about music : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301

Korg instrument shown at 17:30 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is The KORG M01D (palm-size package): http://www.detune.co.jp/korgm01d.html

Not sure what the device shown at 21:20 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is ???

The device shown at 23:00 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a “H6 Handy Recorder”: http://www.zoom.co.jp/news/article/548

The device shown at 25:40 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a “Bass Station II” (analogue mono-synth): http://uk.novationmusic.com/hardware-synths/bass-station-ii

The nearby device shown at 26:05 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a “MiniNova” (super-cool studio and live synth): http://uk.novationmusic.com/hardware-synths/mininova

The device shown at 26:40 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a prototype “MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer”: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/04/11/mfb-dominion-1-synthesizer-mfb-tanzbar-drum-machine-at-musikmesse-13/, http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/04/07/mfb-dominion-1-analog-synthesizer/

The device shown at 27:20 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a “The MFB Tanzbär Drumcomputer”: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/04/07/the-mfb-tanzbar-drumcomputer/

The device shown at 30:30 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a #NEW #Instrument “Nord Lead 4”: http://www.nordlead4.com/, http://youtu.be/mkuT7TTFpbs

World Exclusive: MESSE13: #NEW Nord Lead 4 Music Instrument : http://youtu.be/mkuT7TTFpbs

The device shown at 31:03 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a rack version of the Nord Lead 4 w/o the keyboard: http://www.nordlead4.com/, http://youtu.be/mkuT7TTFpbs

The device shown at 31:20 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a “Nord Drum 2″: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2013/04/11/nord-drum-2-at-messe-2013/, http://youtu.be/L3sFCpavVvU

The device shown at 33:50 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a Launchpad S: http://global.novationmusic.com/midi-controllers-digital-dj/launchpad-s, http://youtu.be/WuV7L4bRkuo #DJ

You can find the full song here: ♫ @kill_the_robot — RoboSonic [music]:  http://wp.me/p10Tww-24Mvia

Also, @kill_the_robot has produced a real nice tutorial on how to program the Launchpad S, by using his own music as an example–well worth watching “♫ @kill_the_robot — Novation // Launchpad S ‘KillTheRobot’ explained” : http://youtu.be/KLUqYpMJNpY

The device shown at 35:40 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a FL Studio Mobile Application: http://www.image-line.com/documents/mobileaudioapplications.html

The device shown at 38:30 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a Deckadance (DJ mixing application): http://www.image-line.com/documents/deckadance.html, http://youtu.be/X0We0GNTapY

The device shown at 38:30 : http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/31332301, is a Bitwig Studio (multi-platform music-creation system): http://www.bitwig.com/bitwig-studio, http://youtu.be/7V_t8GfH-v4

Historic Vocaloid & UTAU meeting video

The live, historic broadcast (in Japanese language) of this event started around 8:00 AM GMT (German time is 10:00 AM) on the 12th April 2013 on this channel: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ahsoft (which is now recorded so you can watch it any time you like).

This is the source for the information concerning the start time and the language that will be used on the live broadcast: https://www.facebook.com/VocalektVisions/posts/588502604496392

Kentai, @VocaloidSongs — “Omiyage from my American Friends:” http://www.kentai-p.de/index.php/kentai-s-blog/24-omiyage-from-my-american-friends

“I’m gonna enjoy the two Vocaloid Albums I got from American colleagues and Friends during Tempo-P’s visit here in Germany: ‘Fables of Farewell’ from EmpathP… and ‘Vocaloid Vacation’ from Vocalekt Visions–for a long time ^-^ ” Apr 2013

From the stuff shown below, the author hopes you might start to get the real picture of how big this meeting between to the two Vocaloid (& UTAU) communities really is.

Interview of Kentai

Kentai, @VocaloidSongs is also interviewed here it seems: http://www.dtmstation.com/archives/51852578.html.

This is an interview, but the translation will only have stuff that Kentai, @VocaloidSongs has said. Feel free to tweet him if you have any things of interest, but he may take some time to reply as he’s often very busy.

This translation of Kentai, @VocaloidSongs is approximate and may not be accurate:

“I learned about Vocaloids when I was very young, but it was just one of the many pieces of information that came to me through my friends and the social networks I had back then. However, I did not take any special interest in Vocaloids at the time.”

“I was interested in many things like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Japanese animation that was broadcast on television; but at the time I did not know that is was a Japanese animation, simply that it was fun to watch.”

“As I got interested in Japanese animation, learned more about the background of the animations, and discussed things with Japanese friends on the internet. I have never been to Japan. One of my big dreams, that I hope will come true, is that I get a chance to visit Japan.

“My skill at speaking the Japanese language is not perfect; but I feel it’s a very important skill to have when making Japanese lyrics for songs.”

“I learned to play several instruments, make songs, and sing when I was very young.”

“My brother was producing Reggae music, and he introduced me to FL Studio (digital audio workstation). At the time, I did not understand digital sampling software, and had to learn about FL Studio a little at a time. Later on, I “met” some of the Vocaloids–such as Luka Megurine, and Hatsune Miku.”

“I really liked Luka [Megurine] as she can sing well in English and German. I was truly shocked and amazed; and I then decided that I would make professional music using the Vocaloid song making software.” [The author feels Kentai, @VocaloidSongs has been impressed by organizations like Vocalekt Visions, as they do live 3D life sized Vocaloid Dancing, music, and singing shows; and even have connections with “human” cosplay dancing groups. The author feels that Kentai, @VocaloidSongs may be considering adding dancing Vocaloids to his songs, and/or making his music and songs a part of live shows as an additional way to give the public access to his music and possibly build a stronger branding (style) for his music]

“I use analytical tools to keep a track on how popular vocaloids, UTAU, and individual characters are by using things like google analytics, and this gives me an idea of what people all over the world like.”

“Not all Vocaloids can sing in English or German. When I needed them to sing in other languages then Japanese, I would have to use things like FL Studio, or get a friend to help out”

“There is a very large anime community in Germany,  and things like the Vocaloids are often discussed. There is also a Cosplay community here, and many there like to play a Vocaloid character.  Because of this, a market here for Vocaloid and related products has opened up.  I also have hosted and events called “tone of the Future,” and found there was a large interest in the Vocaloids. However people’s impressions of the Vocaloids is still very limited, they can be more things, and do a lot more than most people realize. My music is made for world-wide distribution, and I make use of things like http://www.vocaloidotaku.net/ [& ★ @VocaloidSongs New Media Hub–for worldwide Vocaloid & UTAU community [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-20f]  to help spread the word about my musics, and to assist me in interacting with the many people on this earth.”

“I make music collaborations with people in the United States, Taiwan, Philippines, and China. I am also trying to be the media hub for the west–by creating a new website called “Vocanode:” ★ @VocaloidSongs New Media Hub–for worldwide Vocaloid & UTAU community [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-20f.”

“I have made four albums, and I am in the process [2013] of making a fifth album called Mainframe Revolution. The previous albums were distributed for free, but I would like to sell this one.”



Have the Vocaloid and UTAU communities ended up larger after this meeting: the answer would seem to be yes–and yes also means larger on a global scale:

This Video called Kit Kat shows Vocalekt Visions connection to @VocaloidSongs (Kentai) and @tomo_ahs (AHS):

Kit Kat

YouTube: http://youtu.be/LUnVG5oyysw

☆ノ彡 @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子], @Tempo_P, Vocalekt Visions — [Kiyoteru, Yukari, Iroha, Yuki] Kit Kat [song/music]: http://www.vocano.de/mediaitem/74 #Vocaloid

☆ノ彡 @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子], @Tempo_P, Vocalekt Visions chose to put their Kit Kat video here: ★ @VocaloidSongs New Media Hub–for worldwide Vocaloid & UTAU community [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-20f.

Here is part of the text from the about section from the Kit Kat video:

“Thanks AHS! They were kind enough to endorse us, so we decided to give back a song. Actually, we’re making a few songs!”

Both these things show that the meeting between @VocaloidSongs, @neutrino006, @Tempo_P, & @tomo_ahs has had a real impact on the lives of these musicians, artist, and business people. No doubt, it will also have an affect on others that are friends with this group like @VocaloidBrasil.

Kentai May 2014

Makes mention of the Engloid-Blog: http://engloids.info/

Hello to Cosplay people and Dancers

The author also wants to say a special hello to the Cosplay people and Dancers. Because Vocalekt Visions produces live 3D Vocaloid shows, they often like to work with the Cosplay dancers; one group that they know for example is: ☆ WVD01–World Vocaloid Dance 01 Group [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1P8.

There are many other people that Vocalekt Visions and ★ @VocaloidSongs might like to associate with including technical people (to make the Vocaloids dance) artists, including people that can make background art such as this:

Colorful x Melody [song/music]

The sketchup community says hi to the Volcaloid community: Colorful x Melody [song/music]: http://youtu.be/tb7TThIdPmU

Networking is not always easy to describe, for example two people the author considers amazingly influential in the Vocaloid and UTAU communities, might be meeting each other in April 2013, perhaps for only a very brief time, but the effect of that meeting might last for many life times–https://www.facebook.com/VocalektVisions/posts/559301467423529

The author understands ★ @VocaloidSongs (not from Vocalekt Visions), @Tempo_P and ☆ノ彡 @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] from Vocalekt Visions will actually meet each other. It has been confirmed that “Tomohide Ogata, President & CEO of AH-Software Co. Ltd” will also be there.

This is a significant meeting (at least to the author), because ★ @VocaloidSongs has his own large networks of Vocaloid and UTAU producers and fans, through the Vocaloid and UTAU communities he likes to support.

★ @VocaloidSongs New Media Hub–for worldwide Vocaloid & UTAU community [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-20f

@Tempo_P or ☆ノ彡 @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] from Vocalekt Visions also produce amazing music and even host life-sized 3D Vocaloid shows. Some live 3D Vocaloid shows by Vocalekt Visions are listed here: ☆ Vocalekt Visions [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1Yj

To give you an example of what a live 3D Vocaloid show looks like, in Japan: Kocchi muite Baby

These live 3D shows are popular all over the world, and when people don’t have a live 3D show for while, they say that they really miss them. This video is translated into another language to show you how important Hatsune Miku (a Vocaloid), is to the world community for example.

☆  Miku ❤❤❤ has gone on world tours via clear-screen in the past, will she visit you? Kocchi muite Baby_Mikupa [Dance]: http://vimeo.com/44643950 #Vocaloid

There is another important person who will be at that meeting, a business person–a business person called: “Tomohide Ogata, President & CEO of AH-Software Co. Ltd.(confirmed by this website by ★ @VocaloidSongs: http://www.kentai-p.de/index.php/kentai-s-blog/22-live-broadcast-with-ahs)

Even if Vocalekt Visions and ★ @VocaloidSongs meet only briefly, the author could easily guess that both groups will be forever changed by this meeting! Collaborations and networking like this are very different from the simple ideas of business, and membership models that we might like to think about: ☯ The Business Model [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1tM.

The author likes to think of this event as a milestone, once the meeting is finished, both groups should come out of it forever changed, and it will mark a new stage in their shows, dances, music and songs.

A sample of what Vocalekt Visions does: You Are The Reason

☆ノ彡 Vocalekt Visions, @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子], @Tempo_P – 【Megpoid English DEMO】 You Are The Reason [song/music]: http://youtu.be/jyE7uoE2_lQ

The author does hopes that Vocalekt Visions and ★ @VocaloidSongs will get to work together after the event, and some signs of this new co-operation has been shown by both parties:

  • by ★ @VocaloidSongs creating his first FaceBook account: https://www.facebook.com/KentaiP, and the author feels that ★ @VocaloidSongs likes the idea producing life sized 3D Vocaloid and possibly UTAU concerts.
  • Miki Branescu, @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子] is sounding very happy with getting a chance to possibly work with ★ @VocaloidSongs in the private communications the author has have had with him. I suspect the UTAU community will have a very large influence on Miki Branescu, @neutrino006 [流れ星P, P中性微子]; because he seemed to enjoy the idea of a performer being actually able to become a Vocaloid-like character and actually perform in a Vocaloid concert.

Sample from the UTAU Community: Discord (which sounds like disco to me :D)

The UTAU Community says hello to the Vocaloid Community–Discord [song/music]: http://www.vocano.de/mediaitem/829, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utau

This is a special video from ★ @VocaloidSongs, that includes himself as a Vocaloid or UTAU character: Heartbeat of the Spring

☆ [Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, @VocaloidSongs–Kentai92] – Heartbeat of the Spring (Vocaloid) [song/music]: http://youtu.be/w-aiCqoM7EQ #Vocaloid

This is a significant change from the paths the author has seen Vocalekt Visions following; they might actually be thinking of  including UTAU characters in their shows, and that influence has most likely come from ★ @VocaloidSongs.

MTAC Vocalekt Visions – Vocaloid Producers Panel


Here is a song by SeeU, and it’s amazing: [Korean Vocaloid] SV01 SeeU RUN 1st Demo-song M/V [song/music]: http://youtu.be/U4EqmD35udw #wow #kawaii #cute #kimchi #Korea ❣(◕ω◕)

Buy your #vocaloid: http://wp.me/p10Tww-Su and make it dance: http://bit.ly/v4WF5s today (special thanks to #Miku #Hatsune ❤❤❤)


Last edited in Apr 2013

Shortened link to article: #News Meeting of Giants in Vocaloid & UTAU 2013 [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-22S @VocaloidSongs, @neutrino006, @Tempo_P, & @tomo_ahs

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