Gharr’s Oshimen

Gharr supports a lot of entertainers, there is no single favorite, and in part this is due to the fact that Gharr supports various communities that are fans of an entertainer.

However, the group called JKT48, has many performers and it’s difficult, because of time constraints to tweet about them all. While performers that Gharr focuses on are not really “Oshimen,” they are a selection from the group, and that selection is based on both time constraints and input from fans and communities that support those performers.

The Oshimen system (voting) is competitive, and some fans might feel supporting more than one performer is wrong.

“Perhaps some people take being a fan of JKT48 a little too seriously, and that spoils it for other people who just want to enjoy the show.”

Also because fans feel that they influence, and are in fact a part of JKT48, they may developed strong dislikes, or likes towards individual performers from JKT48 or from the graduates. The good and bad effects of such strong emotions from fans is discussed in more detail near the end of this article.

“It’s up to the fans of JKT48, or people who remain fans of a person who graduates to decide what things that Gharr shares are of interest to them–rather than the haters choosing that material for them! This is not an unusual statement: since JKT48 lets the fans decide who they will support rather than excluding performers from JKT48 based on who the fans dislike. In the Oshimen (voting) system, it’s simply a matter of how many fans support each of the members of JKT48 that counts.”

Gharr has been asked who is his Oshimen in JKT48

☆ JKT48 Is Based In Jakarta; But Entertains People, From All Over The World: So Why Not Check Them Out Now : )

For a rough definition of what Oshimen really means check this out: The definition of what Oshimen really means is more complicated than you might first think, and choosing your Oshimen is not only tied voting, but also to a thing called graduation.

All of the people from JKT48 are of interest to Gharr, but there are so many entertainers, that Gharr (because of time restraints) tends to focus on just a few of them–but this is not meant to reflect badly on the other entertainers, if there were no time constraints, they  all would all get a lot of mentions. Gharr has certainly not got a crystal ball: that is able to tell which of the JKT48 members will become amazingly famous and/or incredibly successful inside JKT48 or once they leave–graduate–from JKT48.

From the above discussion of Oshimen, Gharr does not support a single entertainer in or outside JKT48. Social media allows Gharr to support many favored entertainers.

Currently the following people from JKT48 are of interest to Gharr:

Currently following JKT48 Members because JKT48 team members have indicated that his person is well liked by one or more of the teams (possibly because of the way they perform with the team on stage, and the international exposure they bring to JKT48 for example)

The people listed here may also be simply well liked by particular members of JKT48 that I follow (above), or may be significant to JKT48 projects, or individual members projects.

JKT48—Haruka Nakagawa—Another Sky

☆ @HarukaN_JKT48 [Indonesian sub.] JKT48—Haruka Nakagawa—Another Sky, Summary. [video]: ⭐️

Haruka Nakagawa

This member does bring a level of complexity to this article, as she does seem to have made her name well-known in Japan, and in Indonesia (and probably across the world also). To show that depth some additional information is provided here, however she could almost get her own article, as she has so many connections with people all over the world.

These are articles about @HarukaN_JKT48: Birthday:

Ex-JKT48 members of interest to Gharr are:

This is not officially a part of JKT48, and is more aimed at the fans of entertainers who have left (graduated from) JKT48.

“Perhaps some people take being a fan of JKT48 a little too seriously; in the western style culture: entertainment is not usually considered to be a subject that will cause a split with friends, or partners.”

Fans feel that they are a part of JKT48, and that they are not just buying stuff from a company that represents an entertainer. This can have several good effects, including the fact that fans actually care about the entertainer. The entertainer who has a lot of fans, might find it difficult to return those feelings, but must also feel a stronger bond to the fans. While there are lots of good things that can occur with a group like JKT48; there are also some bad things. Graduates by definition: leave JKT48, and often can’t communicate freely to fans once their social media accounts (from previous observations) are controlled, edited and then deleted. It seems, graduates will never get a chance to make up for any mistakes, or wrongs that some fans feel the graduates have committed, or faults that the fans feel they possess. It is for this reason that the bad side of JKT48 and it’s fans (who feel a part of JKT48) will be discussed next.

Fans not only know a lot about the individual JKT48 members, but they also feel that they are a strong part of JKT48 often. This feeling of belonging can be so strong, that the fans of JKT48 have developed strong likes, or dislikes towards certain members, and ex-members from JKT48. It’s quite possible that not all fans for example will like both Cleo, and Ochi–ex-members of JKT48–for example.

Also as one Korean girl put it: “I told my boyfriend that I like a particular boy group; and he demanded that I should stop looking at good-looking males.” Because fans feel they have a strong relationship with JKT48, then this love, or hate of particular group members, and ex-group members of JKT48, can spill out into the actual life of the fans personal relationships. Feelings, about things like: loyalty, jealousy, hate, love, attention-seeking, sharing and so on are tested in relationships. For example: if a fan feel their partner loves a particular JKT48 member, they may feel jealous, and take that anger out on their partner. In another example: if a fan of JKT48 realizes that their friend likes a JKT48 member they hate, it might result in the end of that friendship. These examples do seem to be extreme reactions that should not occur; but when emotions are expressed, and arguments occur: such arguments can seem to be very personal, and the resultant fall out  between friends or partners may not always end up with the word: “sorry.”

“The performers might only spend a short time of their total entertainment career at JKT48; but the strong emotions built up in JKT48 fans might last a lifetime; and that might have an effect on the entertainers entire career.”

Gharr does not intend to stop following JKT48 members once they graduate (leave) JKT48–as some effort has been made to get to know who the star is. Gharr will share messages about them to their fans. Gharr is very interested in these entertainer’s fans, and will always attempt to make sure these communities (fans) feel appreciated and respected. Gharr understands that some JKT48 fans may feel offended when some members or graduates of JKT48 are mentioned or shared, but all shares and links are optional, you don’t need to click on them.  If you feel strongly enough about not sharing some content, then start your own social media channel to share things you are interested in, and to share things in a way that you prefer–because Gharr is willing to accept that you just might be right, your way could possibly be a better way of handling the situation, and there could be many people who agree with you!

While JKT48 might or might-not want to discuss these ex-JKT48 members, Gharr feels it will not harm JKT48′s image to be known as having been part of producing high-profile, and possibly famous entertainers. Gharr suspect that JKT48′s silence about these graduates, and the deletion of their social media accounts, is just a current strategic business decision, rather than emotionally based decision. JKT48′s strategic business decision of ignoring graduates could easily change, if they feel the benefit of acknowledgement outweighs the risk.

This could also possibly work in the opposite direction also, if the future (or current) management of these graduated JKT48 entertainers choose not to be associated with the historic JKT48 associations via their contract with a company. it’s also possible that a Graduated JKT48 members (now famous performers) may run the entire business, and contract or sub-contract organizations to perform specific tasks such as management and/or public relations (PR)—and that may include ignoring historic associations with JKT48.

Currently these ex-JKT48 entertainers don’t have stable social media contact details. The best way to track them down—if you happen to be a fan of them, or they have ended up being your life long one and only Oshimen—is to follow the fan groups of the entertainer, or do a search on what fan groups are saying online about the entertainer; which should be praise in most cases if they are really true fan groups.

Gharr supports many entertainers, and will not stop following someone just because they happen to have graduated from JKT48, or are disliked by some of the fans after they graduated–and social media encourages this style of support for the many stars, and idols you have come to love; and this is discussed in more detail, under the heading “Oshimen–declaring your ‘chosen one,’ star, idol“. Gharr wishes you?: “the fan,” and the idol (“the star”) also the best for the future.

Graduation is just a part of the process that occurs when people join groups like JKT48 and AKB48–leaving a group like that can be stressful, give your idol (star) or Oshimen some space if they need it.

Gharr will continue to support the fans of these entertainers–you are important to Gharr; without you, there would be no reason for Gharr to share stuff about these entertainers online.

  • Cleo (Ex-JKT48 Member), currently a member of 2angels & a singer/dancer
  • Ochi (Ex-JKT48 Member)
  • Stella Cornelia (Ex-JKT48 Member) & now a singer
  • Cindy Gulla: (Ex-JKT48 Member)
  • Sendy Ariani (Ex-JKT48 Member) Singer, animation character.

The exact details about these entertainers are not shared here, in part because this article is still directly connected to an article about JKT48 and it is still hoped that you the fans are still focused on what JKT48 is doing, and additional information here would just distract you from that.

Certainly no disrespect is meant to the above graduates (or other) either–by not including direct links to them. Also information about graduates from JKT48 can change often.

Gharr does mention, and share things about graduates (or other classifications) outside here, and some of that information (but no all) can be found here: Ex-JKT48 Members [article]:


Last edited in Jun 2014

Shortened link to article: ☆ Gharr’s Oshimen [article]:

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