I think of Querramellca as superstars. They are just so very entertaining, and a total joy to watch.  They admit on the videos that it takes a lot of effort, and re-takes to produce a good video, but to those watching the video: it just simply seem like they just have so much fun making the video, that’s it hard to see them ever getting exhausted or tired.

One of the  group contacted me on WordPress recently, and I have to admit I was really starstruck, and surprised 😀 (still am). They are totally wonderful, and I hope they keep producing lots more stuff for us.

I don’t share every video they make, but even the ones I don’t share with you, I find are very fun to watch–apparently they have a singing pet dog that likes to bark at the wrong times to help them make more re-takes. Keep up to date on their awesome new projects by checking out their YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/querramellca

Breaking News: querramellca now has a new website: http://querramellca.blogspot.com.au/.

Other Contact Point Details

New Stuff, Hey Yo GG

I Got A Boy (Dance Cover)

While this is not a long dance, the bloopers section adds some insight into the video making process and is fun to watch.

☆ (ft. @Lala_Dudh & @KikiV_haiiaaa) Kivellca — I Got A Boy (Dance Cover) [dance]: http://youtu.be/HLoz0n5CWIM incl. bloopers


Raa collaborates with a lot of other entertainers, this is a very interesting video to me.

Because, While Raa and Fai do have fun on this video, as an audience member, they make a entirely new impression on me—perhaps one that I’m not used to yet.

It’s interesting because the on screen magic that happens when Raa & Rick get together to sing, is obviously something that is simply a random chance or possibly the entertainers need to feel comfortable around each other before they are able to relax and make truly amazing videos.

What I like about this video production, is that it’s not a formula, it’s obvious that this is a new thing that is unlike the standards set by the Raa & Rick videos, and that makes it awesome in it’s own right. Raa not only collaborates with different artists, but intentionally, or unintentionally, she is very creative in making entirely new types of entertainment for us to enjoy that includes the new dynamics and personalities of the people involved in the videos—something that makes all the video collaborations extremely worthwhile to watch.

The special thing with the “Troublemaker” song, is that it’s fun to watch as the two entertainers dance with each other through the whole video, something that did not occur in the previous videos.

☆ (ft. @Lala_Dudh) Raa & Fai — Troublemaker (Cover) [song/music]: http://youtu.be/5XgAkuhTpqI love the little dances they do together 😀

Here are links to some more of querramellca‘s music:


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