News: JKT48’s First Album

Hello; if you have never heard of JKT48, then here is an article that explains what they are, and how things work in this group of entertainers: ☆ JKT48 Is Based In Jakarta; But Entertains People, From All Over The World: So Why Not Check Them Out Now : )

Surprisingly, the advertising (videos) for this first album is not the high impact  style we are used to seeing for the music industry. Apparently delivery times of the album was also delayed, and that annoyed some fans. It’s possible that sales from JKT48 will be very large, so it would be expected that this side of the business will become much more refined as time goes on, and the number of albums on sale increase.

If JKT48 follows AKB48’s history, then a small group from JKT48 will also make singles or albums–again the sales of these albums or singles has the potential to be extremely large!

This is an extremely interesting time for the business side of JKT48 and how it markets itself world-wide.

☆ JKT48 First Album has been released // JKT48ファーストアルバムがリリースされました :,


Last edited in Mar 2013

Shortened link to article: ☆ JKT48 First Album has been released // JKT48ファーストアルバムがリリースされました :

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