Tribute Article to @Antwaanmusic for his 50’th Video–Let Us All Unite! (The Great Dictator speech)

This is an unusual speech by a comedian and actor–the character is a dictator, and a twist on history, and is possibly a speech that should have been made to avoid all the wars and death.

We live in a new world now, and in a way that video was made in a time that had no idea of what today’s world would be like.

But the music in this video is from here and now–in 2013. The recently added music is composed and produced by @Antwaanmusic, and that old film clip still has a strong meaning to us in today’s modern world.

Perhaps we are seeking to break down the barriers, and live as one people on the small ball that spins in space around one of the 300 billion star systems in our galaxy (a galaxy that happens to be only one of the 170 billion galaxies in the observable universe).

You would think it’s possible for all of us to be friends, on such a tiny planet that is a small part of our large galaxy, and a very small part of our universe.

Yes the Earth is a smaller place because of technology–and old fences (barriers that separated people and nations) might no longer be useful to us.

I also apologize if the character portrayed in this video offends some people. It’s hard to operate on a world-wide scale, and obey all the various social conventions of every area. The articles chosen here, are chosen with as much care a possible; and for a wide as possible range of audiences!

The person who made this Video lives in France, so in a way, I feel that this video is a very valid artistic form and statement in both film, and in music–the music being added some time after the film by @Antwaanmusic.

Antwaan – Let Us All Unite! (The Great Dictator speech)

This video is no longer available–the project was taken down.

Thank you for making this video, even though it is no longer available.


Jacoo – A World of Peace ft. Charlie Chaplin (Alexithymia Remix) [song/music]:

March 2014 Interview

Gharr: “I am mystified as to why you have not got more followers–given the quality of your music and songs.”

Antwaan: “Thank you, well it’s funny cause you’re not alone to tell me that kind of stuff, but what can I do? :D” [1]

Gharr: “Making contact with fans is important, live shows will give you that contact time e.g. TwitCasting:”

Antwaan: “And yes I know about it, I just still need some practice for live stuff, like I don’t know anything about live, got to work it…”

Gharr:”lol, if you understand Japanese you could follow this singer @mana_guitar, she is really good at it.”

Antwaan: “I don’t know anything about Japanese, but I’ll take a look tomorrow, I promise.” [2]

Gharr: ” I enjoy sharing your music, and the way you choose to share and perform your music is up to you. I respect that.”

Antwaan: “Well in fact I’m working in a project with friends, and I’m thinking more and more of doing something on my own…” [3]

Gharr: “I wondering if you have any new ideas on promoting your music.”

Antwaan: “in fact, as I said, I’m working on a project with friend, and I’ve got a second more egoist project, like a sort of EP thing…” ☆☆☆ [4]

Gharr: “My Best Wishes to U. As U get more fans–you will find everything suddenly accelerating. I look forward to seeing that time.”

Antwaan: “(yes I’m trying to answer a majority of your kind tweets 😀 ) and yes I’m waiting for this time too…” [5]

Antwaan: “Maybe I need to make something viral…” [6]

Antwaan: “…Maybe I need a cat for that.” [7]

Gharr: “lol”

Gharr: “There is a lot of angles to my tweets about music–including the chance of contacts in the music industry & info on trends”

Antwaan: “if you know anybody who’s looking for music advertising, I’m ok for it :D” [8]

Gharr: “you yourself have touched on the social angle: A World of Peace (Remix) [song/music]:

Antwaan: “well each time I hear about the dictator I can’t stop thinking about what the actual owner told me about copyright, what a shame.” (referring to one of his video he had to take down our of respect, and at the owners request. Gharr got the feeling–from previous discussions–that Antwaan did not realize that he was doing anything wrong, and he possibly felt extremely hurt when he realized his project might not be honoring his hero). [9]

Gharr: “I am sure Charlie Chaplin got told he should not do stuff also–but he did it anyway.” [10]

Antwaan: “surely, but I don’t wanna get involve into silly story like this right now :D”

Gharr: “I just know he made me laugh.”

Gharr: “I wish I knew more about how France promotes amazing artists & producers like you to the rest of the world!”

Antwaan: “music industry in France still has a lots of work, trust me.” [11]

Gharr: “lol, I hear the internet is not always so fast either.”

Antwaan: “internet became an interesting place to share [your] work, plus you don’t have to pay to discover new music (and so on..)”

Gharr: “:) true.”

Antwaan: “in fact I’m a great enthusiast concerning the “pay [for] what you want, if you like it”. People need to know [what] they [are] paying for.”

Antwaan: “if we know what we really get from our money, like, more than a plastic box with a plastic disk in it, it’s more honest”

Gharr: “I agree. If fans do want to show their love using money–that should not be discouraged, as it can also help your projects.” [12]

Gharr: “Nice “twitter” interview @Antwaanmusic; I liked all your answers–I look forward to seeing more of your music.” [13]

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Last edited in Mar 2014

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