Rookie Boom – Hikoukigumo [ひこうき雲] (JKT48 Acoustic Cover)

☆ Rookie Boom – Hikoukigumo [ひこうき雲] (cover)

☆ Rookie Boom – Hikoukigumo [ひこうき雲] (JKT48 Acoustic Cover) [song/music]: via @adessaputraa,

Studio 48 has put out a nice English translation of this song:

From Video’s “about text”:

“Hikoukigumo (Jejak Awan Pesawat) is originally performed by JKT48.”

“‘Rookie Boom’:
Dika Ananto — @dikaananto (Vocal + Rhythm Guitar)
Faris Aditya — @FarisElverdugo (Vocal)
Ades Mijil Saputra — @adessaputraa (Vocal + Lead Guitar)”

“Very very big thanks to our friend: Ambyo — @Ambyanuar who helped us filming & producing this video! you are awesome!! \m/”

“terimakasih banyak untuk semua teman-teman fans JKT48 yang telah berpartisipasi dalam pembuatan video ini dengan cara mengirimkan foto! Keep supporting our idol, JKT48!!
Supported by #RRD — @RRDelusi

“Hope you like it and enjoy!
Rookie Boom”

If you want to find out about any news from @adessaputraa, check out his G+ website:

Ades Saputra — Sakura no Hanabiratachi (Cover)

This is a very nice song by:  ► @adessaputraa — Sakura no Hanabiratachi (Bahasa Indonesia AKB48 cover) [song/music]: ♬♬

Shortened link to article: ☆ Rookie Boom – Hikoukigumo [ひこうき雲] (JKT48 Acoustic Cover) [song/music]: via @adessaputraa,

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