The legitimate(?) stuff I reject


This is part of Gharr’s branding statement. Quit a lot more information about Gharr can be found here: Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]:

The legitimate(?) stuff I reject” is about the stuff that Gharr does not like to share, or write articles about—because he wants to appeal to the largest audience possible. It’s not something that makes sense—because exceptions always have to be made.

Don’t take Gharr’s rejection of your material as an indication that your work isn’t good—your community should decide this, not Gharr.

Gharr doesn’t share everything with his communities (or audience, in documentation terms).

Quote: “I like to appeal to the widest possible audience.” That means Gharr often ends up not sharing stuff that might be acceptable in some places or all places in the world. Typical reasons for not sharing stuff are:

  • too adult orientated (smaller audience aim), especially sexual topics, drinking, drug-use, and occupation that require violence, gore (medicine), adverts that try to scare–road trauma adverts, and gory graphic examples of the harm smoking causes for example.
  • violent, discriminatory, hate filled, abusive, and/or bullying related material
  • extremely religious, or political material (smaller audience—facts are that in our current world, there are many religious beliefs, and many political beliefs; at least on a world-wide scale.)
  • bad (rude) language
  • Other stuff that is hard to define: for example: abusing or annoying specific people on the internet, making treats to other people, advertising in deceitful ways, websites that are risky to visit (computer security issues) and many more.

In 2015 YouTube and SoundCloud  (and possibly other video and audio distribution/sharing… platforms/websites) decided to follow on to play another track/video after an producers track/video finished. This means an innocent sounding track followed by a song about drug-use for example might be rejected by Gharr, despite the fact that the artist or producer has a very legit track/video that Gharr would like to share. Sorry if this happens to you, this is certainly not a reflection on your music, material, or video. There is a lot of other things your track/video might be followed up by (listed in the above bullet-points) that might cause Gharr to not promote your stuff. Again there are some grey areas where Gharr will make exceptions.

It has come to Gharr’s attention that some cultures have ingrained violence, drug-use, harsh punishments, routine discrimination against minorities (even to the point of government or local laws that also discrimination against them), routine bribe requirement to get things done, higher death rates from disease and malnutrition, and so on. Such cultures will have producers and artists that want to tell it as it is, and again Gharr does not dispute that your material is very relevant, so don’t take Gharr’s rejection of your material as a message that your material is not relevant—in reality your material is very relevant, and needs to be shared. Gharr’s other group is focused on solving world problems, but the promotional group of Gharr is focused on getting material to the largest audience possible, so it is with great regret that your material (in most cases) is not shared in such cases.

Rejecting material is a very grey area, and it’s always a tough call—many exceptions to the above bullet-point rules are made for science, art, modeling (runway), photography, and so on. Classic art and statues often have nude people, and politically incorrect material.

Gharr’s Comment: “If I reject your art, music, or material… it’s not because it’s not good, or a valid statement to the world… it’s quite possible that it is!… In the end I often think of it as all the legitimate stuff I reject!”

Your stuff might well be legitimate and significant. If Gharr had more than one channel (branding; and way to share stuff), then it might be easy to share material that is aimed for a more adult audience for example—but this channel, does not allow that in most cases.

Gharr is also world-wide operation, and that means communicating with people who have:

  • various attitudes on
    • drugs
    • religion
    • homosexuality
    • and so on
  • The people who Gharr communicates with may also be in a
    • combat (war) zone
    • disaster area
    • politically unstable area (violent protests for example)
  • Also people might live in an area with very rigid religious codes, or political ideas of behavior; and that might have an effect on the material that they can access.
  • There are also many more areas of the human condition that have not been included in this list.

The facts are that our world is far from perfect: Are We Living In A Perfect World?,

Gharr does make exceptions to the above rules. The world is simply too complex, and often filled with statements, and belief systems that don’t adequately describe the way the world really is. The world has a lot more to it, it is far too complex to allow for simple rules–like the ones above—to define it!

Never associate Gharr’s decision to reject your material as an indication that your work is not good. Let the communities you belong to make that decision, because they are the ones that are keen to hear your material.


Shortened link to article: ☆ The legitimate(?) stuff I reject [article]:


Last edited in Oct 2015

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