NoelleMikazuki’s Promotions & Reviews


☆ 美佳 みかずき NoelleMikazuki‘s Promotions & Reviews

NoelleMikazuki normally sings songs and plays music. However she is also interested in promoting things and doing reviews. This article here, has a number of links that can be accessed to find out what she is currently promoting or reviewing.

A brief look at ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki‘s blog shows that she is interested in food, fashion, fashion accessories, health, tourist information, and several other subjects. So there is plenty to discuss, and share with you here in WordPress, and on twitter.

☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki‘s reviews and promotions often include specials and vouchers that you can take advantage of, should you take the time to read her articles:

Samples from her articles

Just a reminder: read the articles if time permits, as they may have specials that are ongoing, limited numbers of special offers, or special offers that end after a certain date.

☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki’s Reviews and Promotions (sources of information)

  • Primary source of information about Promotions and reviews by ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki:
  • Secondary sources of information (pictures and so on)
    • additional links to other social media can be found on 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki‘s web-site:
    • Vlog (YouTube video channel): no longer available in 2017
    • churpchurp: SG blog is no longer available in 2017


Shortened link to article: ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki‘s Promotions & Reviews [article]:



  • Feb 2013:
    1. Some links have been updated to make sure they reference instead of “”
    2. New! news about ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki. This article has been updated to reflect vlogs, and other stuff that ☆ 美佳 みかずき @NoelleMikazuki has tweeted about! It seems she is quite interested in her more commercial type ventures on twitter right now–before her tweets seem to focus on entertaining, & engaging her fans and friends on twitter. This may be a professional way to expand her skills and/or make strong links to her fans and possibly sponsors that might back her music and various other  business ventures (there are many).

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