The Vocaloid Reality

What it really means to be a Vocaloid

“The message Miku wants to convey to us is quite clear to me now.

The songs she sings, the people we’ve met, (vocaloids) they don’t exist in reality. But inside all of us, they’re in the inside. And as humans, we receive this message.

Her wish is to sing. All of the Vocaloids’ wishes are to sing. And to warm our hearts whenever we’re feeling down. To tell us stories and teach us life lessons. To bring us joy, and laughter, and friendship through others who enjoy their songs. That is Vocaloid. :)” [with minor corrections to spelling] — PandaNandaPro


☆ 【Miku Hatsune PV】 Unfragment 【VOCALOID Original Song】 [song/music]: 

Shortened link to article: ☆ The Vocaloid Reality [article, songs, and music]:

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