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Gharr is Changing

While there is music in this section, it is also about looking a the larger picture of the communities that might be of interest to you. Interacting with those communities can be difficult, and will require new methods of searches and possibly letting those people know you are interested in them–something that might not be possible in all cases.

Some ideas of reaching out to larger communities are mentioned below, and of course the music videos are below that section.

Trending Hashtags

This is a little harder to find. Twitter Search and ttlocal do list trending hash tags.

If ttlocal does not have the definition, you can try or a search engine keyword search.

Internet Slang Defined

Members of twitter or social networks that I can not follow because of the 2000 limit rule and thus not make a connection with

One way to solve this problem is explained below though examples.

To see what others–whom I do not follow on twitter for example–are tweeting about:

Alternative Social Networks and Websites

This website is interesting because it is simply about people. You simply click the next arrow to get another person’s website.

【初音ミク】Nebula【新改版】By 宇音

☆ 【初音ミク】Nebula【新改版】By 宇音 [song/music]:

Shortened link to article: ☆ New Stage [article]:

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