Reverse Spin – Gyakukaiten

Silent Birds, Jonathan, & Bob – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi [cover] [song/music]:

According to the comments, the Vocaloid singer for “Gyakukaiten” is called “yukari.”

Kentai’s Website:

Vocaloid artist community site: I played a number of Vocaloid songs from this website and they were really good… well worth visiting this website to check out what is there!

Nice song examples from Vocaloid community:

1) ☆【Vocaloid 3 ギャラ子】ハザクラ (hazakura)【Galaco】[song/music]: via ☆ @VocaloidSongs #great #song

2) ☆ 【UTAU newcomer】 トエト (Toeto) 【keiko】ケイコ(sub) [song/music]: via ☆ @VocaloidSongs #great #song

Main Song For Section: 「ユカリ, ガクポ」 Gyakukaiten 【VOCALOID Original】

☆ @VocaloidSongs – 「ユカリ, ガクポ」 Gyakukaiten 【VOCALOID Original】[song/music]:

Shortened link to article: Reverse Spin – Gyakukaiten [article]:

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