News AKB48 and the “48 Families”

The 48 Families

Because of the Re-shuffle some of the information contained in this section may be out of date.

AKB48 consists of three sub-groups: Team A no cap on Members, and Team B & K with no cap on Members. Team 4 (disbanded in 2012, members shifted to other teams), Kenkyūsei (trainees).

SKE48 are based in the Sakae area of Nagoya.

SDN48 has a more mature image

NMB48 (Namba, Osaka)

HKT48, JKT48 (Jakarta, Indonesia)

TPE48 (Taipei, Taiwan)

SNH48 (Shanghai, China)

Nogizaka46 official rival of AKB48

JKT48 News

☆ JKT48 Opening of Permanent Theater [article]:

☆ JKT48′s 2nd Audition Announcement (Members’ Shock and Some Applicants’ Confusion) [news]:

Members of ☆ JKT48 launches Google+ accounts [news]:

Two members from ☆ JKT48 resigns from group in February 2012 [news]:

☆ JKT48: Dancers at JKT48 are sad because their idols at AKB48 experience major re-shuffle:

Takajo Aki will join ☆ JKT48 : so yes JKT48 will feel the effects of what happens to AKB48.

I hope the fans of JKT48 will help the dancers through this difficult time 😦

Nakagawa Haruka will also join ☆ JKT48. I hope these strong links to Tokyo dome will give JKT48 a new level to dance at.

☆ JKT48 Is Based In Jakarta; But Entertains People, From All Over The World: So Why Not Check Them Out Now : )

☆ @dikaananto hope U will support @kinalJKT48 & JKT48 through these difficult times of change that include AKB48:

☆ @adessaputraa hope U will support @cleoJKT48 & JKT48 through these difficult times of change that include AKB48:

☆ @thekopjkt48 hope U will support @achanJKT48 & JKT48 through these difficult times of change that include AKB48:

Best wishes to ☆ JKT48 & may they continue to Entertain People, From All Over The World with great joy and enthusiasm:

JKT48 – Heavy Rotation @ Opening Euro RCTI 08-06-2012 [dance]:

Sounds like exciting times (& changes) for JKT48, so follow @officialJKT48 & check out my article about them:

☆ (G+ @CleoJKT48) JKT48 – Cleo&Sendy Lagi Ngantri Makan Siang :

☆ AKB48 & JKT48 Re-Shuffle NEWS & Comments :

Okay, I did cry ;_; during that video: Re-Shuffle AKB48 & JKT48 NEWS & Comments :

Please help and support ☆ JKT48–Based In Jakarta–through these times of change: 😦

The video really hits ones heart: Re-Shuffle AKB48 & JKT48 NEWS & Comments :

☆ JKT48: 48 families: “confused now… we reborn as the new 48 groups, so please… watch over us:”

☆ JKT48 “Nobody knew this would happen” 😦 Support JKT48 & other 48 families through this very difficult change:

☆ JKT48 Aki: “members were crying… don’t abandon me until I will realized my dream… I will repay you:”

☆ JKT48 Haruka: ” I am sorry to have surprised all of you:”

☆ JKT48 Haruka: “Jakarta is far away from Tokyo but regardless of where I am, I am the same Nakagawa Haruka!!:”

☆ JKT48 Haruka: “I’m not alone!!! Everyone is with me! Please be with me as always!!!!”

☆ JKT48 Haruka: “I’ll take a step forward with your support!!!!”

☆ JKT48 Haruka: “I have to study the Indonesian language♪ Oh! My hairstyle today is a heart shape that shows you my love♪”

☆ I lend ❤❤❤ usually given 2 Miku, & wish @achanJKT48, @kinalJKT48, & @cleoJKT48 all the best through changes happening 2 JKT48 & AKB48

New member of ☆ JKT48 Haruka Nakagawa on Google + 😀 (prev from AKB48)

☆ JKT48! Haruka: “want to go to a team that is fun and energetic & vibrant with everyone, I Najin U R to everyone Mo~u”

Two very experienced Dancers from AKB48 To Join JKT48 [news]: JKT48 close links to Tokyo Dome may lift it to new level

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