Traveling can mean a lot of things. It can relate to the destination, it can relate to the feeling of leaving something behind, and it can relate to the journey itself.

For some people, traveling is just a part of their lives, and can not be avoided. Some of these people may even think that people that can live in one place all their lives are lucky.

Ultimately traveling is not only about emotions, and new sights: its about about the flow of our lives and could well be considered a reflection of life itself. If you ever watch traffic leaving town, all sorts of feelings and thoughts can be stirred up.

Of course people do not always leave town for happy reasons; some are forced to leave for various reasons including poverty, a broken heart, need to find work or start a business, or even to get away from things like violence, health hazards, noise, overpopulation and so on.

Perhaps it is our imagination that makes us believe that leaving town always equates to freedom. Still traveling should be a freedom of choice we should all have.

Attack El Robot – Highway 62

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