Making that dream possible

Making That Dream Come True

📌 “Get Paid to do What You Love” [video]: #Business #Startup #ideas

  • People exchange money so they can get something of value from you.
  • What problems that are significant to you: have you already solved? Can you teach other people this solution?
  • Sometimes problems can seem very painful to your life until you solve them; that is a solution worth sharing and people who are experiencing the same problem are often willing to give something back to you for helping them out with such a problem. You also get a feeling of service as you have given away something that has a purpose and meaning to you.
  • Competing with other is mixing in your own personal traits,  skills, likes, and connections to make the branding your very own. That is what sets you apart from other people who are doing similar things. The most unlikely things such as mixing in your sense of humor could be the critical thing that sets you apart in your branding for example (if you find that trait works well for you).
  • Think about issues that you feel passionate about, and then use your own skills, and experience to find a solution to that problem. In the example: if schools make some people think they are not good enough because they get poor grades, you might create an app (application software) that gives such students a chance to show their strengths and what they are good at. Parents everywhere might really appreciate such a product or service.
  • The key to a business if to focus on the customer (them, them, them) and not you, you, you. Why do you want to help? Who do you want to help? How are you going to do it with the skills you already have? Then find the idea that everything will fit into. You need to focus on what will be of value “to them” so they will exchange some from of reward for you solution (service, product, idea).

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