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Gharr’s Hiatus Statement; 31 August 2017: (◕ω◕)

Gharr is currently working on some major re-branding, and this will ultimately result in major changes here (if WordPress, twitter, and other mainline services and projects are going to be continued to be used). The short bio is set to be changed.

There are two sides to what I do, and one might not be visible to you, because Gharr tries to respect privacy as much as possible, and to allow people to be whomever they want to be. Gharr often says the #Techo #Chans (young at heart) are my bosses, and that is true. Gharr works for the audience, to put a smile on their faces, to make a nurturing, and caring environment, and to allow people to be whomever they want to be on the internet.

But the world we live in today wire taps all our communications, identifies us all, and ultimately we will have no rights to free speech, or to say whatever we want to, in a time of change when we really need to talk about things honestly, to talk about the future we all want, even if it makes those in power, business, or in politics uncomfortable.

Change is happening, and things can get really bad if we don’t feel we can talk to one another in an honest way. Just how bad… scientists warn of mass extinctions, including humanities extinction, others warn that violence, and large scale warfare (or whatever form conflict takes in our near future) is very close. Certainly the firing of a missile by North Korea over Japan has shown us that access to dangerous technologies (including bio-weapons, and possibly nano-weapons) is spreading across our globe, and we need become a mature global community that no longer needs, or tolerates hunger, and homelessness, lack of education, or lack of access to medical care, unnecessary human suffering, and war, as we have done in the past… because of the lame excuse there is not enough money to go round… especially now that monetary system is failing.

There are still people working on allowing people to be whomever they want to be on the internet, and to say whatever they want. Gharr will be working on a project to find such places, and start working from such places. I hope to see you there.

Hope we can discuss good ideas, and solutions to the world’s problems; and to talk about what type of future we want for ourselves, and our children.



World Wide Operation

Promoting people



Interests: Human Rights, Free Speech, Business, Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computers and Micro-Controller Design, Programming, Small Business Management, Marketing, Astronomy, Space Exploration, Science, Music, Music Production, Vocaloids, UTAU, CeVio, Video Production, Art, Poems, Books, RPG, Games, Products, Services, People, Actors, Dancers, Fashion, & Miku Hatsune ♥♥♥.

Gharr is currently made up of several organizations that work in very different areas.

Organization 1) If you like your stuff to be promoted, understood, or discussed, then this organization may help you do that:

“I like to promote people by staying in the background and making you the star!”

Organization 2) If you come from The Venus Project:, then this long bio might help you: Gharr’s Bio for The Venus Project [bio]:

“I like to make things happen, form teams, and work on projects.”


Last edited in Sep 2017

Shortened link to Bio: Gharr’s Short Bio [bio]:

—End of Bio—

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