Adriano & Paulina – siesta en Andalucía

Shortened link to video: Adriano & Paulina – siesta en Andalucía [guitar music]: via @keet0007

If you are a dancer, then you might want to contact Adriano and Paulina, as they may allow you to use the music as background for your dance. If you are a musician, then they may be able to ask them if it’s okay to use their music in your video collaboration–as collaborations do not need to occur in the same time frame or location.

This is a tweet they sent me, just to prove they are willing and interested in working with other artists: “@Gharr_home You’re free to use our music in your own projects if you name the origin.That is indicated on our YT.People often do.We like it.[ source: accessed 2012 ]

Also check their YouTube account if you want to see if they will come over and play a gig for you.

For dancers: Adriano & Paulina would simply love to chat with you if you happen to be a salsa and/or bachata dancer. So please take the time to contact them if that’s the dance style you are into. [ source: accessed 2012]

Shortened link to article: Adriano & Paulina – siesta en Andalucía [guitar music]: via @keet0007

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