JKT48 1st live TV performance

Shortened link to video: ☆ JKT48 1st live TV performance [song/music/dance]: http://youtu.be/gMexRrjqvw4

JKT48 is an unusual group of entertainers because the division between the fan and JKT48 might be considered to be almost invisible (especially when the fans become performers in their own right, or the members of JKT48 leave–graduate–and seek out other careers). It’s hard for many of us who see a star as someone whom we simply admire to understand what great difference it makes to actually have the star and the fan influence each other–and wow it makes a real difference!

The relationship between JKT48 and the fans is different. The members and fans of JKT48 become part of an expanding supportive network that we might think is impossible in the more traditional roles we might assume exists for a fan and the star (idol).

Projects between people (fan, business, upcoming star, or idol) might now be possible–that would not normally be possible in a simple buyer (fan) and seller (star & support) relationship, and that’s worth another WOW! So thanks to JKT48 for encouraging this sort of two-way supportive world-wide network.

When a star (or idol) leaves JKT48 they are considered to have graduated. You can read more about this later. From observing the process: fans often follow the personal (rather than official) social media of the graduated star (or idol), and to offer support in whatever new directions the star (or idol) choose to take their life. Possibly fans hope that their star (or idol) will still want to seek out fame and continue their career in the entertainment field. Possibly many fans hope their star (or idol) will also still entertain us with dancing, singing, and music. So the support network mentioned above for the star (or idol) does not necessarily end when the star (or idol) leaves (or graduates) from JKT48.

Please Note: when a star (or idol) graduates from JKT48 (leaves JKT48), their official social media accounts are deleted–the observed process in 2012. So if this procedure continues into the future, then some fans of a star (or idol) might lose contact with the star (or idol) once they graduate (leave JKT48). If you are a fan, then make sure you also follow the social media of fan clubs or groups that give out news about JKT48 and it’s members: as you may find news of non-official social media accounts that your star will use once they leave JKT48 to possibly launch their new careers in show-business and entertainment.

More stuff about JKT48


Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialjkt48

FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/official.JKT48

Official Website: http://www.jkt48.com/

The reason fans of JKT48 feel so strongly about some stars/idols: is that they follow the person’s career throughout their performing career–through fan clubs, and direct support.

In-fact JKT48 fans may follow one or possibly more performers–and feel they can be a part of directly influencing their stars future success, and even promotion.

This sort of bond between a fan and star is unusual because for most of us: supporting our the people we consider our stars only involves buying their stuff, and turning up to their performances–since they like to have their privacy (which the media tends to invade to sell us stories it would seem). For most of us, we do not feel we play direct role in the star’s life; and that is not the case for JKT48.

The people involved with supporting individual people (idols or stars) in JKT48 may themselves end up feeling encouraged to follow their chosen careers, or even take part in the music, dance, or performing industries; that is JKT48 will encourage them to “realize their dreams.”

The members of Rookie Boom (here’s one of their songs: ☆ JKT48 – Ponytail to Shushu [ポニーテールとシュシュ] (Acoustic Cover): http://wp.me/p10Tww-1v0via)… for example are not only fans of people from JKT48, but are willing to spend some of their own time in giving back their thanks by “plugging (promoting)” the their idols (stars)–because they feel a part of a supportive network rather than just the standard top down star and fan relationship most of us may associate this industry to have. This may in turn lead to additional projects occurring that would not normally be possible in a top down relationship of producer of entertainment (the idol or star) and purchaser of goods (the fan).

Oshimen–declaring your “chosen one,” star, idol

Oshimen: Choosing your favorite member from a group such as JKT48. This can also related to the voting system–as you should vote for your Oshimen.

Your Oshimen or several stars you support are people and they can suffer

This section has been added after a number of bad reports about the idol (star) industry came in from Korea (2013). Korea has some wonderful performers and stars, and it’s very sad when the idol (star) industry’s image and actual performers are hurt by the industry, government, and people they entertain.

Primarily your Oshimen, or stars that you support have all the needs you have; but have you ever wondered about their working conditions, and how their life style affects them. If you really love your Oshimen, or stars you support, then get to know about their working conditions, and how they are able to resolve all the issues about growing up that you also must face, or have had to face.

While you may not feel that you have much control over the working conditions of your Oshimen, or the several stars you support; it is important for you to try to understand what conditions they, and their friends (that you might not support, or perhaps not even hear about because they are support media crew, stage workers, contractors, workers, administration, & trainees for example) work under.

Unfortunately your Oshimen and their friends (even trainees or other people you might not hear about), can’t usually criticize their employers, or damage promotional efforts, by mentioning the working conditions, and any abuses that might go on in their industry.

Your Oshimen may also have all the problems that you and your friends have; but because they are always under the management, parent, and the public’s gaze; they may find it very hard to resolve, or explore all these issues in their own way–freedoms that you may take for granted. Your Oshimen, or the idols (stars) that you support may end up more stressed then is usual because of this.

The good news is that you can search for news and information about the working conditions for your Oshimen or several stars you support. The idol (or star) industry exists all over the world, and you can hear all the good and bad news from all corners of the world, so take an interest and check it out.

If you are from the western style culture, the reverse is most likely true: young boy bands are probably the equivalent; and few people really understand their working conditions–but the really popular boy bands make a lot of money it seems.

JKT48 offers a unique experience of dancers, singers, and actors–and each member has the chance to be any one of these; but management may only allow very popular JKT48 members to do unusual projects like acting in a music video for example.

Your relationship with these idols (stars) from JKT48 will very different from standard relationship of just walking into a store, and buying your favorite star’s music. That means you might have to consider what sort of problems your idol/star, or Oshimen might be experiencing.

The darker side of the idol (star) industry can involve prostitution, human trafficking, sexual exploitation by management or those that are in positions of authority, long working hours (18 hours or even more hours of work each day), and the constant risk of being expelled (graduated) for things that most of us consider to be minor things. Many other industries, religion, and even government jobs might face similar problems to that of the idol (star) industry. So you might already be aware of some of the risks your idol/star or Oshimen face.

The mention of this dark side of the idol (star) industry is not meant to infer that these things are happening in Indonesia, or Japan. Rather that fans should take an interest in all the things that go on in their idol’s (star’s) life, and hopefully also the people the idol (star) works with on a daily basis–including what conditions that they all have to work under.

Because the idols (stars) build up stress over time–due to the strict rules they live under, working conditions, and not having the privacy in their lives that we enjoy, their reactions when things go wrong may end up to be extreme to us. Don’t take your idol’s, or star’s extreme reaction to heart, you have done everything you could to support them; they have to find a way to solve this. Sometimes they also might end up being graduated, and you will loose contact with them. Let them get their lives together, and if show business has not been too unkind to them, they might choose to perform, and become involved in the entertainment industry once again.

Secret tip to support your Oshimen

With the event of social media–JKT48 and AKB48 for example have accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to name a few. Your support of your star might also involve more than just voting and meeting them in person. It’s possible to support your Oshimen by likes, re-tweets, and +1’s (from Google+). It’s even possible to build a fan-page for your Oshimen in places like WordPress, websites or blogs–they might resemble scrap books of stuff that show the things you like about your idol, star, or Oshimen.

In turn, by supporting your Oshimen through social media, you might assist her in becoming more popular, and allow her to gain more votes. With more votes she may get a chance to become even more popular by participating in projects that making singles or albums. The voting system is described in more detail below.

Secret tip to supporting JKT48 or a number of JKT48 performers

Not everyone will choose to support a single person or Oshimen. Social media allows you to help promote JKT48 and a number of performers by simply doing similar things that are mentioned above:

  • likes
  • re-tweets
  • +1’s (from Google+)
  • making mentions of JKT48 and several stars (or idols) you like or are interested in
  • build a fan page, blog, or webpage. Using tags, categories, or keywords (sometimes called metadata) and good headings can help such fan pages get noticed by the search engines (if your blog or webpage allows you to make these). Such things help JKT48 and the members of JKT48 to get noticed on the internet.

By sharing information about JKT48 and several stars (or idols) you like or are interested in, you help make them important on the internet and in turn they and JKT48 become more famous world-wide.

Discussions about Oshimen

This may be a strange word, but it relates to who you would like to show support for. Perhaps some of us just want to support everyone in JKT48. However, there may be particular performers you feel closer to for some reason–but is that person your Oshimen?

The question of who among JKT48 is the person who you focus on the most or consider to be the one you want to support the most can be daunting. JKT48 will eventually use a voting system to determine a smaller group that is selected from JKT48 to make singles and albums and these people could become very well-known and famous–because of your support!

Cheating on your Oshimen

This tends to be tied to the idea of the voting system, but is also a natural feeling you may have to certain members of a group that entertains us. With the voting system: any thing you do that promotes other members of JKT48, may cause your Oshimen to get fewer votes.

If you still wish to support JKT48 and a number of stars (idols) then check out the stuff under the heading: “Secret tip to supporting JKT48 or a number of JKT48 performers.

If you feel like you are cheating on your Oshimen when you support another star (idol) from JKT48 then that is a sure sign you have formed a strong bond with your Oshimen. This feeling is not unusual; and even where bands simply sell stuff, people may find some band members more interesting than others.


JKT48 only got their own theater in 2012. The next step would most likely be to produce singles or albums and this is often tied to a voting system that is used to select a smaller group from JKT48 to participate in such projects.

Sales of singles, or albums could easily number in the millions if the popularity of JKT48 follows the track record of AKB48 (a sister group of JKT48).

Those members that are not selected for making albums or singles can still perform in theaters; and fans may still show their support for their star (idol) though attending performances or attending events where they can meet their star (idol) in person.

Graduation from JKT48

For Those Who Don’t Graduate, But Are Dismissed

There is some controversy over the word dismissed, as it appears to mean that people will be stopped from going to the graduation ceremony (as styled by the sister group: AKB48). However, fans still make graduation videos: to celebrate their idol leaving JKT48 and going on to do other projects in the world—but that is not totally surprising as such graduation-videos can be very popular.

Not everyone that leaves JKT48 is given the classification of graduate, they may also be given the term dismissed. People that are dismissed from JKT48 possibly breach the contract they are given (rumors also suggest some performers have no contracts, but that is a little hard to believe in a world that revolves around business). Cindy Gulla seems to be the first to be given this classification. However well before Feb 16, Cindy Gulla did make a graduation statement (she was leaving JKT48) on Feb 7:

“Cindy Gulla announced her graduation from JKT48.

She explained that she had learned a lot over the past 2 years and that she had realized her dreams. She decided to leave the idol group in order to experience new things.

Cindy Gulla joined JKT48 in 2011 as a 1st generation member. She is part of Team J.

The announcement was made on February 7 at the end of the live performance of Team J 2nd Stage Demi Seseorang (誰かのために ; Dareka no Tame ni).” ~ http://www.jpop-idols.com/en/cindy-gulla-jkt48-graduation/ accessed in 2014.

This is an official announcement of the dismissal of Cindy Gulla by JKT48 “operations team” on Feb 16:

“Announcement Regarding Cindy Gulla
February 16, 2014

Keep in mind that Cindy Gulla from Team A and a member of JKT48 has acted inappropriatly. Therefore, starting today, she is no longer listed as a member of JKT48. Thus, all her activities will no longer associated with JKT48.

Information regarding the handshake event with the member in question will be announced later. Please understand.

Similarly, we can convey the information, thank you for your attention.
JKT48 Operation Team” This has been translated (but may have errors) from http://www.jkt48.com/news/detail/id/232?lang=id in 2014

Please note: there were graduation videos made by people that might have been fans of Cindy Gulla. These graduation videos by fans seems to be a traditional way to say goodbye to JKT48 members that leave (and in many cases a lot of fans like to check out such graduation videos). The graduation video will not be mentioned here as it would take attention away from JKT48, but they are popular.

It is possible that if JKT48 members are dismissed: they will still get fan made graduation videos.

For those Who Graduate

If graduation follows the AKB48 style, then it will be quite formal, and full of glitz. Some say it’s much less rushed then a school graduation, and more organized.

NOTE: The age range for AKB48 is 14 to 20 plus. It seems that older girls are eventually removed from AKB48 by the process that is called a graduation and are replaced by younger girls [sourced from Wikipedia Dec 2012]. It’s possible that this will also occur at JKT48.

There has been some talk about the chosen one. Well it seems that if JKT48 follows AKB48, then the voting system will be restricted to people who buy albums or pay in some way. The management can design the tests for the voting system, but ultimately it is the fans that vote in the so-called chosen one(s).

It’s probably more appropriate to say chosen ones–if people want to use this strange term–as a select group will be given the chance to make albums, or singles; more on this later in the points below.  Voting plays a big part in AKB48 and will most likely do so in JKT48.

The girls often compete against each other, but also work together in teams.

Graduation can occur randomly from sickness or when the girls wish to take time to be with people who have fallen sick (such as family members and friends). Graduation can also occur for the following reasons:

  • when the girls reach a certain age limit (get too old)
  • seeking solo career
  • wanting to study
  • pursue other career
  • not getting enough votes and are not making enough singles (JKT48 will start with stage shows and apparently the girls that get the most votes will eventually form a core group that will produce singles or albums. If it follows AKB48 figures, sales from JKT48 singles or albums could number in the millions!)
  • broken the rules
  • feel they have reached the apex of their careers and can’t contribute anything more significant in JKT48, and wish to move on to other things
  • Girls might use JKT48 as a platform to help them succeed in future ventures, when the time comes to move on, they do so

Want to know even more about JKT48

If you want to know a bit more about JKT48 , then here is some information that might be of interest:

  • Official Website: http://www.jkt48.com/
  • Quotes from Official Website [roughly translated]:
    • “We want to create a place for Indonesian women to realize their dreams. Together with the fans, we want to make the only “original Idol Indonesia” This is our main inspiration JKT48 launch.”
    • JKT48: “We want to follow in the footsteps JKT48 idol group AKB48 to be close to his fans and also maintains a close relationship with them. We believe that support from the fans will bring JKT48 to a higher level, starting from an idol group based in Jakarta to become known throughout the world.”
    • [translated] “The unique thing is that fans of the AKB48 Project can share in the process of development of  their idol.”

Tweet: JKT48 comment: “We (JKT48) want to follow in the footsteps AKB48 Sister idol group & maintain a good relationship with fans” via http://www.jkt48.com/

♬ AKB48 — Fortune cookies In Love (Iwasa Misaki Enka Ver.) [Official]

♬ AKB48 — Fortune cookies In Love (Iwasa Misaki Enka Ver.) [Official] [song/music]: http://youtu.be/jJdykMxRFHg played 4 @achanJKT48 & her fans 😀

Note: The previous video that was here is no longer available: AKB 48 Live River – Ponytail to Shushu – Heavy rotation [dance]

@achanJKT48 Birthday: June 3

[ reference: from @thekopjkt48 via https://twitter.com/thekopjkt48/status/232498627875049472 accessed 2012 ]

Gharr has been asked who is his Oshimen

This is not an official part of JKT48, so this information can be found here: ☆ Gharr’s Oshimen [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-22o

Kawai Vs Kawaii

Finally, the author noticed that one of the web sites interested in JKT48 used the word kawai (possibly meaning dedicated fan). However the meaning of kawai and kawaii is significant. Kawaii generally means “cute,” but it also is more important in Japan (and this difference in importance means that kawaii is something others around the world are taking an interest in by incorporating it into their own cultures). Kawai is used by businesses as a name, and is a slang word that can have several meanings including: cute, scary (from Kowai, and is often associated with things like heavy metal music which may or may not come from Japan), and for the people who misspell it–often associated with crazy, dedicated fans who do not care to look up the actual Japanese word.

The official meaning of Kawai does change, so do an up to date online-search or use a dictionary to find out more about the current meaning of this word; as businesses use Kawai, and don’t always like the word being associated with the slang meanings I mention above–they prefer it to just be another way to spell cute.


Shortened link to article: ☆ JKT48 Is Based In Jakarta; But Entertains People, From All Over The World: http://wp.me/s10Tww-jkt48 So Why Not Check Them Out Now : )


Last edited in May 2014

Shortened link to article: ☆ JKT48 Is Based In Jakarta; But Entertains People, From All Over The World: http://wp.me/s10Tww-jkt48 So Why Not Check Them Out Now : )

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      Idol has a similar meaning to star (a famous person, in this case the entertainment industry) in western terms.

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