Bruno Masquio

People making #videos just using #base #guitar, please stop, it doen’t work… OKAY I WAS WRONG; AND #BRUNO PROVES WHY!

Gharr: “Don’t care what other people think; Bruno Masquio is a brilliant guitarist!”

It also looks like Bruno Masquito has included a green screen (the lighting makes it look like green screen is too shiny for use as a green screen–but that may just be due to the way lighting was purposely set up for the videos–which casts a shadow in some videos, and causes bright spots. It’s even possible to fake the shiny green screen–an unusual twist when using green screens ;).

Green screens can be made of several things including paint, fabric or other materials. Green (or Blue) screens are used as they are as far away from our skin color as possible. With a green screen,  Bruno Masquito could make his background anything he desires including a background that is in fact a video (a background that moves).

[Nothing but BASS] Forever – Stratovarius [song/music]

The author actually thought it would be impossible to make a good video when just using bass guitar… how wrong one can be…

Shortened link to video: ♬ @BrunoMasquio – [Nothing but BASS] Forever – Stratovarius [bass guitar music]: #Heavy  #Metal

Bruno Masquio – So Far [e-guitar music]

Shortened link to video:  ♬ @BrunoMasquio – So Far [e-guitar music]: #Heavy  #Metal

[Nothing but BASS] Future World – Helloween

Shortened link to video:  ♬ @BrunoMasquio – [Nothing but BASS] Future World – Helloween [bass guitar music]:, #Heavy  #Metal

[Nothing but BASS] Master of Puppets – Metallica

Shortened link to video: ♬ @BrunoMasquio – [Nothing but BASS] Master of Puppets – Metallica [song/music]:, #Heavy  #Metal

Bruno Masquio – High Tide [music]

Shortened link to video: ♬ @BrunoMasquio –  High Tide [e-guitar music]:, #Heavy  #Metal

Bruno Masquio,  @BrunoMasquio via twitter, “@Gharr_home Thanks for sharing this stuff. I had a great time in NUKEN. Greetings![ Reference Tweet from @BrunoMasquio 6 Jul 12 ]

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Bruno Masquio also mentioned this article in his facebook page: (shortened link to facebook page: \m/

You can also check out the lates news about Bruno Masquiofrom from his facebook page:

Nuken is a great band and is well worth mentioning here, and @BrunoMasquio probably will not mind by the sound of his above comment.

♬ @NUKENOFFICIAL – Ties of time [song/music]: #Heavy  #Metal

♬ @NUKENOFFICIAL – Stronger [song/music]: #Heavy  #Metal

♬ @NUKENOFFICIAL – Rain [song/music]: #Heavy  #Metal

♬ @NUKENOFFICIAL – Wait for the boom [song/music]: #Heavy  #Metal

Shortened link to article: ♬ @BrunoMasquio : information and various music [article]:

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