Supernova Death Beam Distance ≈ 30 Light Years

βŠ—_βŠ— Supernova Death Beam Distance β‰ˆ 30 Light Years


[1] source: dailygalaxy, accessed 2012: Betelgeuse is beyond the death beam distance–somewhere within 30 light years range–where it could do ultimate damage to Earth.” Please note: this needs to checked with other sources as there is ways that this range can be extended.

[2] enEnglish (sample use, usually not visible <html lang=”en”>, the distortion of letter sizes is achieved by using the <big> and <small> HTML tags that normally go in a CSS section)

[3] Color Mixer:

[4] Color Picker:

[5] HTML Color Names:Β GoldenRod Code (normally not visible): “#DAA520;” and the background is FloralWhite “#FFFAF0;”–notice that this only backs the text, and is not a true background for the entire document.

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[7] The “Super Nova (text picture)” was simply pasted in as text. There is most likely some HTML code that makes this possible and it’s not the per-formatted tag as it leaves a background color! You can create fancy text pictures from here: Additional characters were added so the “text picture could be centered.”

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