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Artificial Intelligence: it’s a movement that is becoming a part of our lives and yet it seems that many of us are unaware of it. Kentai92 is one artist that is working on changing our understanding of artificial intelligence in his own particular way. AI is in fact more advanced the Kentai92 suggests–today computer chips contain neural networks and that has been the case for over 10 years–the technology to do it is quite simple but the relationships between the neurons is something that has eluded engineers and scientists in the past. Neuron networks can also be simulated & modeled using software.

Does your computer, laptop, ipad, mobile telephone have computer chips containing artificial neural networks??? Well that’s hard to answer. However your computing device or mobile telephone could easily have an application that uses software based artificial neural networks–neural networks used in this way are not very efficient as they normally prefer to work in low energy consuming parallel networks that scientists often classify as parallel computing. Cars that are 5 years old or younger probably do have artificial neural networks in them: http://bit.ly/MNB9Fx.

With nano-technology, the line between organic (chemistry) like material, non-living materials (such as micro-electronics), photonics, and other exotic technologies (such a nano-machines) is bluring. Thus the exact meaning of what is “a neural network on a chip” that can have the sense of smell for example, is more difficult to define… perhaps no word exists to describe this thing yet because most people don’t know that artificial neural network (electronic-look-alike or computer-look-alike) chips exist.

A recent article: The Plaid Rap song & Celebration of the discovery that the brain’s structure is plaid #AI #programmer [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-ZM

It would be nice to believe that we (or a artificial intelligence) could create an intelligent, artificial neural networks that is the size of a planet (like earth for example), but in reality artificial intelligence is probably still working at the level of a insects brain or possibly a cats brain in terms of the numbers of artificial neurons in a network (artificial neural networks don’t–to the authors knowledge–work like brains as the understanding of how the brain works still eludes scientists, but engineered artificial neural networks might one day outperform a brain just as computers are better and faster at doing mathematical calculations today). A human brain contains around 100 billion neurons.

Certainly, in specific applications, like pattern recognition–such as checking out number plates, face recognition (your face on a photograph), stock market prediction, data mining, and even medial diagnosis to name a few examples–artificial neural networks can outperform living things simply because they are engineered to be extremely fast.

「Sweet Ann, Big Al, Megurine Luka」 EVOLVED!.Framework 【VOCALOID Original Song】

Shortened link to article: #AI #GAI #Kentai @VocaloidSongs Artificial Intelligence and a song called EVOLVED!.Framework [song/music]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1jN

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The Offspring – Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?

The Offspring – Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? [song/music] ;_; http://youtu.be/AULaJdMPmIwhttp://pear.ly/S2fn (your sadness hurts us too)


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