Shortened link to article: ♛ KingQueen – Romantic [Song/Music]: https://youtu.be/nOwIvNa6bco

The website it no longer available: may have put all finances into 2017 holiday, and is now saving to get strong financially again…

KingQueen on No Longer On Twitter: KingQueen Moved to IN∆: @thats_ina

Song: Fucking In Love is no longer available. This song has moved to new sound cloud accounts, and it is unsure what happened this time. In Nov 2017 she was working on a New EP. She mentioned her mobile telephone has been stolen, so perhaps some people are on her case, and making her life unnecessarily harder then it should be 😦

YouTube Version is no longer available.

“Fade Away”

♬ Sabrina Petrini — “Fade Away” [song/music]: https://youtu.be/_Gy-H-OFDm4, http://www.sabrinapetrini.com/

I will. I can. I am. is now set to restricted viewing: possibly an add on to the EP she’s making…

Sabrina Petrini has learned some new skills at the Csaba Petocz Scholarship that she attended, so she might take some time to get into the groove again, and incorporate all the new skills and things she can do: http://www.prosoundnetwork.com/music-production/csaba-petocz-scholarship-created/47687 (focus on the essentials of tracking, mixing and production). She also received a high quality microphone to help out with her next recordings.

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