❃ Are we just foam on the universe’s sea?

❃ Are we just foam on the universe’s sea? Will we simply cease to exist one day? Harmonic Balance [music]: http://youtu.be/w76ybV0OpnM

❃ the following poems that are tagged #haiku_mod were inspired by HikiMadwoman ‘s accidental 😉 question: “Why do we exist?”

❃ This time HikiMadwoman says her poems were about Particle Physics, Quantum Foam, & the Planck Distance–she’s always full of surprises 😉

❃ Following tweets will B about poems & science // a very strange combination that works well // just like looking at the stars #haiku_mod

❃ Is the fabric of space a rough foam? // motion is slowed by it // energy creates matter; Harmonic Voltage [music]: http://youtu.be/rGCTLJDoMGw

❃ BTW: The Fabric of Space -Time is Smooth [science, astronomy, video]: http://bit.ly/sivbn5 #physics #astronomy #Planck_scale #foam_fans

❃ Getting something from nothing // Isn’t that a song? // Well it happens I suppose : http://youtu.be/hKFPlmkByl0 #casimir_effect #haiku_mod

Well that shed some light on things // now I can see // photons created from nothing; “Lampz” [music]: http://youtu.be/ST7SPdEESK4 #haiku_mod

❃ What is the Planck distance? // A sense of certainty O.o // & how big is Quantum Foam? [website]: http://scaleofuniverse.com/ #physics #haiku_mod

❃ Take a tour // Nature knows no bounds // & get a measure of things [website]: http://bit.ly/gSfbh #physics #haiku_mod

❃ It’s quite nice to look at the stars // Star light is related to time & distance // Now that’s physics U gotta ♥ #haiku_mod

❃ Quantum Foam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_foam

❃ At Planck scale Quantum foam can form // High energy light should B slowed // Space time is smooth & so it’s not #haiku_mod

❃ Quantum Foam // Dancing at the Disco // Never Going To Slow Me Down #haiku_mod UFO disco ride [music]: http://youtu.be/5AwppJP5VSQ

❃ The Connection b/t Planck Scale, Quantum Foam & High Energy Light [article]: http://on.msnbc.com/JSP4gO #physics #astronomy

❃ The Connection b/t Planck Scale, Quantum Foam & High Energy Light [article]: http://in.news.yahoo.com/spacetime-more-einsteinian-whiskey-foamy-beer-062724827.html #physics #astronomy

Strike out in above “paragraph occurred because link is broken for some reason. Light is suppose to be bent at very small scales as black holes come into and out of existence as just a normal part of the physics at that scale. Recently it was found that photons of light (gamma rays) were not effected by quantum foam, so it must mean the quantum foam is a lot smoother then previously thought.

The Higgs Boson was discovered recently, and this could have a significant effect on the above mentioned link, so investigating what has been happening of late:

Starship Groove [music]– works best when set to 480p

❃ 5% matter // the rest is unknown // sounds echo & fade in distance #physics #astronomy #groovy [music]: http://youtu.be/NO_-DEI80b8

❃ I like to play the groovy [music] at a quality setting of 480p: http://youtu.be/NO_-DEI80b8

❃ Matter is only 5% of the stuff that exists in our universe // like the foam on the sea // we might just disappear one day #haiku_mod

Also check out: The answer to why do we exist in 40 characters [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1cQ


Shortened link to article: ❃ Are we just foam on the universe’s sea? [article]: http://wp.me/p10Tww-1dT

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